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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
The major for future school teachers

Study Abroad

Spain, Italy, Belize, and other countries await you!

Liberal Studies students have the exciting opportunity to study and engage with schools abroad, offering our students unique perspectives into other cultures, teaching practices, and educational communities.
We have choices! Remember to plan early! 

  • Year-long study abroad – Liberal Studies students may be eligible to study abroad for an entire year! This is a terrific opportunity for our students. Start planning early.
  • Semester study abroad– Plan soon for your semester of education and excitement abroad! Students gain more insight into their host country, have opportunities to explore neighboring countries, towns, and communities, and enjoy the cultural immersion. 
  • Summer programs (2-8 weeks) – Summer is a terrific time to explore the globe while fulfilling your course requirements!  Like our other programs, we embed our summer abroad with various cultural activities to give you the best possible experiences. 
  • Spring Break programs (9-10 days) - Liberal Studies juniors and seniors have priority admission into programs offered through Liberal Studies, though open to all applicants.  A fast-paced and exciting option! 
Prepare for your adventure in these easy steps! 


Step 1 (World Map)
Create a profile in Aztecs Abroad
Step 2 (Passport and U.S. flag)
Apply for or renew your passport
Step 3 (lecture hall)
Attend a general info session at the International Student Center
Step 4 (student meeting with advisor)
Meet with Katie Palumbo from the International Student Center to discuss coursework overseas.
Step 5 (searching internet)
Find your program (select Liberal Studies option in Field of Study)
Step 6 (Jar that says travel with money on a map)
Several options to fund your adventure

Liberal Studies offers our own programs for students in our major. We invite you to join the global classroom.


Chris Turner

Chris' experience in Spain

I participated in the month-long Liberal Studies program in Granada, Spain. My homestay mom, whom I just referred to as Mom, was fabulous; I can’t imagine not staying with a family. They showed me around, introduced me to different foods and customs, and were always available. As part of the program, we worked in a local school. While there are differences in our cultures, at heart, children are children everywhere! Historic Granada was amazing, from cobblestone streets to the sight of the Alhambra sitting atop a hill framed by the Sierra Nevada mountains. Being there a month was not nearly enough!

Allison Reik

Allison’s experience in England

I studied for a semester at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. They have a large population of international students and there are many events for those wanting to get to know the area and culture. Additionally, I was easily able to assimilate and felt like a regular student at the university. My favorite class was about the British education system. Kent has a month long spring recess and I used the time to visit other European nations. All totaled, I visited 10 different countries. Now I am making plans to take advantage of other international opportunities offered through SDSU!  

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