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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
The major for future school teachers

Prospective Students

Liberal Studies is designed to prepare you for a career in teaching. We put you in the classroom with experienced educators. Join our program and get started.  Experience elementary and middle school education. Prepare now.

Get in the Classroom 

You have many opportunities to get direct experience in elementary and middle school classrooms. Explore our courses.

[+] Early Experience in School Settings
[+] Classroom Connections to Coursework
[+] Opportunities to Teach P.E. Activities
[+] Exploring Children's Thinking in Math /Science

Classes for Future Teachers: SDSU Offers Coursework Just for You

*Note these are only a sample of many courses we offer specifically for future educators
[+] Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers
[+] United States History for Teachers
[+] Processes and Inquiry in Physics

Study Abroad—Cultivate a Global Vision

Liberal Studies offers our own programs for students in our major. We invite you to join the global classroom

Discover more by visiting the Study Abroad page

Simone Patton 

Simone’s experience in Costa Rica

Pura Vida! The Rich Coast of Central America is wealthy in many things. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with friendly people, exotic animals, and amazing coffee! During my stay here I learned so much about the culture; communities were very welcoming and excited to share their culture with us. My best experiences included visiting elementary schools. In one school, I tutored students in learning about the human skeleton. At another school, children performed a traditional dance in full costume and we danced with them! My study abroad experience is definitely one that I will never forget.

 Eric Beagle

Eric’s experience in Belize 

Participating in the Belize spring break program was one of the best decisions I made at SDSU. In the village of San Jose Succotz, I stayed with a host family who prepared delicious local cuisines, toured ancient Mayan ruins, and visited elementary schools. Our SDSU group even collaborated with local teachers to host a mini-camp for the children! At the end of the program we visited beautiful Caye Caulker island. Snorkeling in clear Caribbean water abundant with sea life was awesome. This program truly provided the opportunity for me to grow as a person and a future teacher. 

 Silvia Oliveros

Silvia’s experience in Spain 

Studying abroad for a month in Spain was a fantastic decision! A typcial day in Ávila started with classes. In one course, I studied culture and civilization. In another course, I went on a poetic adventure that ranged from Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz to Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. These were fascinating courses that left a profound effect on me, not only because of the content presented, but also because I was completely immersed in the education system of my host country. When I was not studying, I explored the beautiful area, savoring the sights, sounds and tastes of Spain! 

You Have a Team. We are Here for You.

[+] Advisors
[+] Coordinator and Administrators
[+] Credential Program


Choose from one of these options to advance your career opportunities

[+] Linguistics
[+] Bilingual Credential Preparation.
[+] Special Education Credential Preparation.
[+] Performing Arts.
[+] Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA)
School of Teacher Education

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