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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

SDSU Literacy Center
and Community Reading Clinic

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Welcome to the San Diego State University Community Reading Clinic


Who Are We?

The San Diego State University Community Reading Clinic (CRC) is part of the SDSU Literacy Center in the College of Education.  Our purpose is to provide professional diagnostic and remedial services to members of the Greater San Diego community, both children and adults, who are experiencing difficulties in reading and language skills.  The CRC is staffed both by current graduate students (fall and spring semesters) and MA/Reading Specialists (year-round professional staff).  Graduate students are completing the California Reading Certificate, the Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential, and/or a Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Reading/Language Arts.  Instruction is done under the supervision of faculty from San Diego State University's Graduate Program in Reading.  Nearly all staff members hold basic teaching credentials.

What Type of Diagnosis Do We Offer?

Diagnosis includes an evaluation of a student's reading, writing and spelling performance as well as measures of potential and attitudes toward reading. A combination of standardized and informal instruments is used; however, the emphasis is on informal measures that closely approximate actual instructional demands in the school setting. Conferences are scheduled as soon after diagnosis as possible and a full written report is presented at that time.  Referrals to other programs on campus for speech and language evaluation or for psychological testing can be made if recommended.

What Type of Instruction Do We Provide?

The instruction provided at the CRC reflects the most current research in reading.  It is our intention to help individuals learn to approach reading and language tasks of various kinds with confidence by teaching them appropriate strategies for the demands of a given situation. It is also our desire to foster a lifelong love of and interest in reading.  Our instruction focuses on the development of skills through the medium of good literature, both works of fiction and nonfiction.  For older students, content area textbooks may be used to demonstrate techniques. In all cases, instruction is individualized to best meet the strengths and needs of the client. Periodic informal diagnostic assessments are included in tutoring sessions.

We Need Your Help

Your help is needed to assure the success of our program.  Parents of school-age children are encouraged to read to and with their youngsters daily and to have children themselves read on their own for brief periods each day as well.  Good books on topics of high interest to children are recommended.  Sources of such books may be discussed with members of our staff.  Do not expect children to be assigned homework, although we may ask you to reinforce at home certain skills we are teaching at the clinic.  Adult clients will need to practice and apply what we teach outside the clinic.

Conferences and Written Reports

Conferences with parents of school-aged clients or with older individuals who are themselves receiving reading instruction will be scheduled at least once each semester in order to communicate progress.  A written report containing a description of current reading performance as well as specific recommendations for further instruction will be provided at that time.


Parking at our facility at 4283 El Cajon Blvd. is free and no permits are necessary. You may park in the open lot or the parking structure. You will be given a code for entering the parking structure. There is a waiting room for parents of children receiving services. Please remain at the Literacy Center during tutoring, as emergency situations can arise.

Attendance Policy

Please deliver your child to the clinician and wait for your child’s lessons to be completed each evening in our waiting room. We will not be able to provide tutoring to your child if you are not present in the Community Reading Clinic for the duration of each session. In the event of any emergency situation, you will need to be available in order to make decisions for your child’s health and safety.

Fee Schedule for Services Provided by Supervised Graduate Students

Diagnostic Evaluation: $150

Applications for Fall 2014 are currently being accepted.

Literacy Tutoring

Sessions are one-to-one twice weekly for 12 weeks at a cost of $360 a semester. Fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. Partial fee waivers are available and are awarded on a sliding scale based on financial need. 

Applications for Spring 2015 are currently being accepted.

Fee Schedule for Services Provided by Professional Staff

Diagnostic Evaluation
:    $300.

Fees for Instruction:

    Fall and Spring Semester
    Individual One-to-One

    Summer Session (6 weeks)
    Individual One-to-One

At least two sessions weekly are recommended for most individuals.  Payment for diagnostic services is made in two installments, one half at the time the diagnosis is scheduled and the other half when the written report is completed.

Payment for tutoring services is due one month in advance, based on the number of sessions scheduled for that month.  If for some reason this payment schedule requires adjustment, please let us know.

Payment for sessions missed will be required unless we are given notice twenty-four hours in advance that a student will be absent.  When such notice is given, sessions missed may be rescheduled at the discretion of the clinician and at a time mutually acceptable to both client and clinician.

We are a non-profit program and rely upon payment for services rendered to pay our professional staff.  However, a scholarship program was recently established and, on a limited basis, we are able to offer reduced fees for those demonstrating need.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

If you need to notify the Clinic regarding your child’s absence or late arrival, or have questions regarding the tutoring, please contact the clinician directly. If you have questions regarding the operation of the Community reading Clinic, please contact Dr. Pamela Ross at

Pamela Ross, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita
Interim Director, CRC

School of Teacher Education

Front Desk (EBA 255) | 619-594-6131