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San Diego State University

SDSU College of Education

Areas of Study

Credential Programs (Detailed Information)
Undergraduate Level (Detailed Information)
Master’s Degrees (Detailed Information)
  • Child Development
  • Counseling
    • Community Based Block
    • Marriage and Family Therapy
    • School Counseling plus Pupil Personnel Services Credential)
  • Education
    • Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
    • K-8 Mathematics
    • Reading Education
    • Science Education)
  • Educational Technology (EdTec, Online, COMET)
  • Policy Studies (Curriculum Development - Critical Literacy and Social Justice)
  • Postsecondary Educational Leadership (MA, MA Student Affairs)
  • Preliminary Administrative Services (Credential) plus MA in Education
  • Rehabilitation Counseling (MS, DISTANCE)
  • Special Education
    • Autism
    • Early Childhood
    • Early Childhood plus Level 2 (Credential)
    • Mild/Moderate Disabilities
    • Mild/Moderate Disabilities plus Level 2 (Credential)
    • Moderate/Severe Disabilities
    • Moderate/Severe Disabilities plus Level 2 (Credential)
  • Teaching
    • K-12 Language Arts SUMMER ONLY
    • Concentration in Elementary Education or Secondary Education
Doctoral Programs (Detailed Information)
 Certificate Programs (Detailed Information)


  • Advanced Behavior Analysis
  • Advanced Rehabilitation Counseling
  • C-WELL: Certificate in Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Cognitive Disabilities
  • Community College Teaching
  • Developing Gifted Potential
  • Distance Education
  • Distance Education ONLINE
  • Dual Language
  • EC-SEBRIS: Early Childhood Socio-Emotional and Behavior Regulation Intervention Specialist
  • Instructional Design
  • Instructional Design ONLINE
  • Instructional Technology
  • Instructional Technology ONLINE
  • IRPA: Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
  • LPCC: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
  • PET-AIR: Post-Employment Training: American Indian Rehabilitation
  • PET-RA: Post-Employment Training: Rehabilitation Administration
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Reading Language Arts
  • Reading Language Arts SUMMER ONLY
  • Rehabilitation Technology
  • Special Education Early Childhood
  • Supported Employment and Transition
  • Transition Specialist