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MA in Teaching/Reading and Language Arts

Here what some of our Reading Specialists have to say about our Graduate Reading program:

“The graduate reading program and my experiences in the SDSU Community Reading Clinic have prepared me well for my teaching career. I teach in an elementary school with many second language learners from low socioeconomic backgrounds. As the Reading First Coach, I assist my teachers in responding to this challenging environment as we strive to meet the needs of our many diverse learners. In addition, I train teachers throughout the state to fully implement the current state-adopted language arts program in their classrooms.”

– Vicki Owsley, Reading First Coach/Reading Specialist

“I am extremely grateful that I received my Reading Specialist credential from SDSU. The program and professors are outstanding! Since becoming a reading specialist, I have become a more knowledgeable elementary school teacher, and I am able to help many children succeed in reading and language arts. Obtaining my Reading Specialist credential from SDSU was the best career decision of my life!”

– Ellen Solomon, Reading Specialist

“The Reading/Language Arts graduate program at San Diego State University truly impacted the way I teach. Many of the students who enter my class have huge gaps in their learning. I have been able to apply everything I've learned through the graduate program to help improve my students' literacy skills and to help them achieve success.”

– Melissa Showman, Reading Specialist