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San Diego State University

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Community Reading Clinic

Literacy Assessment and Tutoring for K-12 Students

What We Offer

One-on-one, individualized tutoring in reading, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, and comprehension strategies.

One-on-one instruction. No computer-based instruction or programmed materials.

Credentialed, experienced teachers trained and supervised by San Diego State University College of Education faculty.


Fee Schedule for Services Provided by Supervised Graduate Students

Sessions are one-to-one twice weekly for 12 weeks at a cost of $360 a semester. Fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable. Full and partial fee waivers are available and are awarded on a sliding scale based on financial need.  Assessment fee is $150.00.

  • Applications for Spring 2017 now being accepted

Fee Schedule for Services Provided by Professional Staff

Diagnostic Evaluation:    $300.

Fees for Instruction:

    Fall and Spring Semester
    Individual One-to-One

    Summer Session (6 weeks)
    Individual One-to-One

Please contact us at for more information.




Read what some of our educators and parents say about our program:

“As an educator in a designated high poverty school in the SDSUD which services a ninety-eight percent African American student population, the SDSU Reading Clinic has had a critical impact in meeting the literacy needs of our struggling readers and writers from K-6th grade. Over the past five years many of our low-income families have been positively affected by our affiliation with the SDSU Reading Clinic.”

– Christine Kane, Teacher, Literacy Coach, Staff Developer, Nubia Leadership Academy


“Sarah became more confident in her reading abilities as a result of the Community Reading Clinic program. Mr. Z was a great tutor and we appreciated his hard work very much.”

– Parent of a Community Reading Clinic Student