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Subject Matter Competency (Waiver)

Single Subject candidates may meet the subject matter competency requirement through a waiver program (from the undergraduate major).

Did you attend attend SDSU for your undergraduate degree:

  • You must obtain an Advisors Recommendation form (waiver) signed by the designated advisor for the academic teaching major on this campus (see chart below), or a letter from the credentials analyst at another California institution that has an approved subject matter waiver program.
  • SDSU does not provide evaluation services to individuals who graduated from other universities.
  •  Faculty advisors are available during the academic year (fall/spring), but generally are not on campus during the summer session. Please refer to the list of advisors below.


The following are Single Subject advisors at SDSU who can evaluate your transcript to see if you meet the waiver program in the following areas.  This list is not a listing of current waiver propgrams at SDSU--only the subjects with asterisk/stars have current waiver programs.

Art Mark Siprut Art 509 619.594.2850
English* Contact Department of
English and Comparative Literature

Mathematics* Janet Bowers
GMCS 570
Music* Charles Friedrichs
Nan McDonald

Biology* Kathy Williams PS 151A
Chemistry* Geosciences*
Phoebe Roeder AD 103
Social Science Carole Putko AL 580 619.594.5304


Did you attend another school in California, other than SDSU, for your undergraduate degree: 

  • You must obtain a letter from the credential analyst at your California institution that has an approved subject matter waiver program which will prove you have completed the appropriate course work for the waiver program at your institution.
  • Only programs that have been evaluated and approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) fulfill this requirement. SDSU cannot provide courtesy evaluations of subject matter coursework for candidates who graduated from other institutions.
  • SDSU is only admitting credential program candidates in Art Education, Physical Education or Music Education who have completed the following:
    • A California approved subject matter waiver Bachelor’s degree program in Art Education, Physical Education or Music Education, and
    • Two instructional methods courses in the content area (e.g. Teaching Methods in Music) with attached or included K-12 practica. For more information, contact the Office of Student Services advisors in EBA 259 or email to


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