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Clear Credential Program

 Our program is fully online!

We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2015 program. The program will begin in late May.Please do not submit Fall applications at this time.

Note: if you have questions, please email us at

The SDSU Clear Credential Program offers the contracted teacher a route to clear the preliminary SB2042 credential. We do not accept applicants from any district with a free BTSA Induction program. You must be teaching in California to be eligible for this program. This program does not provide instruction for Special Education credentials.


Registration/Course Fees: $3204. There is no financial aid available and no application fee. Please note that you will pay per course when you register. Fees will be due approximately 3rd week of August for Fall, mid-January for Spring and 3rd week of May for Summer. Only one book must be purchased (for DLE 651).

SDSU Credential Application Analysis (at program completion, not at admission): $25
CCTC Application Fee: $55 (subject to change by CCTC) You will submit this fee in your final semester.

TaskStream Subscription: $45.00


Two semesters (FALL START: fall/spring, SPRING START: spring/fall, SUMMER START: two consecutive summers)

  • 12 units

Program Information

Select from the following for more information:

How do I apply for the SDSU Clear Credential Program?
Step One
Submit to Clear Credential Office
  • Clear Credential Application (PDF) completed and signed by you.
  • Although we will accept unofficial transcripts, the process is much more streamlined if you submit officials with your application. Transcripts need to verifying bachelors degree and preliminary credential (not required of SDSU graduates)
    • For non-SDSU graduates only: Upon starting the program, if you have not done so yet, you will be required to submit official transcripts for your bachelor degree and preliminary credential. You will only be allowed to register for second semester classes if you have submitted official transcripts. Doing so late will result in delay of your continuance in the program.
    • CL 855 (PDF) completed and signed by your employer to verify the unavailability of a free BTSA induction program.
    • Who may sign the CL-855 form?
  • Public School Districts (including district charters)
    • Human Resources Department (verified credential technician/manager or human resources representative designated to verify employment status and certify eligibility for enrollment in the Clear Credential Program. If you are unsure of who is authorized to sign this form, please contact certificated staff at your employment site for assistance.)
  • Private Catholic Schools
    • Diocese Human Resources Director
  • Independent Charters or Non-Catholic Private Schools
    • School Director
How to Submit (choose one) Note: Do NOT email as we cannot store Level 2 (SSN numbers) on our system:
  • Regular Mail
    • SDSU College of Education
      Office of Student Services
      Clear Credential Program
      San Diego, CA 92182-1100
  • Fax to 619.594.1657
  • Hand-deliver to Office of Student Services EBA 259
Step Two
After you have been accepted into the program, register and pay for your classes through the College of Extended Studies; you will be given further information regarding how to register for classes shortly after your acceptance into the program.
Do I qualify for the SDSU Clear Credential Program?
  1. I possess a Preliminary SB 2042 Credential; and
  2. My employer does not offer free BTSA Induction; and
  3. I teach part-time or full-time in one of the following settings, as identified in the Routes to Clearing an SB 2042 Credential (8/31/2010):
    • Public school district or County Office of Education
    • Charter school
    • Private school, religious or non-sectarian
    • District-run preschool, only if paid on the regular teacher salary scale
    • Juvenile court schools
    • Adult Correctional System
    • Juvenile Corrections
    • School under a state agency jurisdiction
Do I need a mentor?
  1. We provide all mentoring and support through our program.
Clear Credential class and payment schedules
  1. Fall Start Cohort
    Early Fall ($801):
    TE 602A 1 unit
    SPED 600 2 units

    Mid fall ($801):
     DLE 651 3 units

    Spring ($1602):
    TE 602B 3 units
    LDT 570 3 units

  2. Spring Start Cohort
    Early spring ($801):
    TE 602A 1 unit
    SPED 600 2 units

    Mid spring ($801):
     DLE 651 3 units

    Fall ($1602):
    TE 602B 3 units
     LDT 570 3 units

  3. Summer Start Cohort
    (Courses during summer. In-your-class assignments for TE 602B completed during the fall of second year)

    Early first summer ($801):
    TE 602A 1 unit
    SPED 600 2 units

    Mid first summer ($801):
     DLE 651 3 units

    Second spring and into summer ($801):
    LDT 570  3 units

    Second summer ($801):
    LDT 570 3 units

    Registration fees are due the week before the first day of each class, so payments may be spread out over the year

What do I have to do to clear my credential through this program?
Successful completion of 12 Units of coursework evidenced on your transcripts

Content Courses
  • SPED 600 Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations, 2 units
  • DLE  651 Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment: ELD and SDAIE, 3 units
  • LDT 570 Advanced Teaching with Technologies, 3 units
Support and Assessment Courses
  • TE 602A Seminar: California Clear Teaching Credential, 1 unit
  • TE 602B Seminar: Assessment Professional Development Plan, 3 units
Grade Point Average
A minimum 3.0 grade point average is required in all coursework pursued in Induction for the clear credential with no less than a grade of C in any course, including field experience.

Additional CCTC Requirements
The CCTC may have additional requirements that you, as an individual teacher, may also need to meet. Check their “Private Look-Up” site at for any additional requirements that may exist for you to clear your credential.
  • Go to
  • Click on: Private Look-up including pending applications
  • Click on: Secured Search (you will need your social security number and date of birth)
Applying for the Clear Credential
During the first weeks of the final semester, candidates for the clear credential need to apply for the Clear SB 2042 Multiple or Single Subject Credential through the College of Education Office of Student Services.
You will receive information while in the program.

Questions? Please email

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 This program does not provide
instruction for
Special Education credentials.


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