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SDSU Clear Credential and Induction Program

Clear-Induction Application


When to Apply

Summer Applications accepted until April 15.

  • Early Applications (guaranteed spot upon admission) accepted until March 15.
  • Late-Summer Applications accepted until May 15.

  • Regular Teachers: Choose from Three Class Schedules:
    • Two Consecutive Summers:  1st Summer: May 25 to August 15 and 2nd Summer: April 8 to August 15
    • Summer and Fall Semesters:  May 25 to August 15 and September 2 to December 7
    • Late-Summer, Fall, and Spring Semesters: July 2 to August 15, September 2 to January 30, and February 8 to May 7
  • Induction Teachers (e.g., Substitutes) Class Schedule:
    • Summer, Fall, and Spring Semesters: May 25 to August 15, September 2 to January 30, and February 8 to May 7


Fall Applications accepted until July 15.

  • Early Applications (guaranteed spot upon admission) accepted until June 15.
  • Late-Fall Applications accepted until September 15.

  • Regular Teachers: Choose from Two Class Schedules:
    • Fall and Spring Semesters:  August 15 to January 30 and February 8 to May 7
    • Mid-October, Spring, Summer Semesters: October 15 to January 30, February 8 to June 30, and July 2 to August 15
  • Induction Teachers (e.g., Substitutes) Class Schedule:
    • Fall, Spring, and Fall Semesters: August 15 to January 30, February 8 to May 7, and September 1 to December 7


Spring Applications accepted until December 1. 
  • Early Applications (guaranteed spot upon admission) accepted until November 1.

  • Regular Teachers Class Schedule:
  • Spring and Fall Semesters:  February 1 to June 27 and September 1 to December 7
  • Induction Teachers (e.g., Substitutes) Class Schedule:
  • Spring, Fall, and Spring Semesters:  February 1 to June 27, September 1 to December 7, and January 23 to April 23



How to Apply 

We have no application fee. However, you will need to subscribe to Taskstream for $42. You will use Taskstream for the application and in some of your courses. Follow the instructions below to subscribe to Taskstream. Then fill out the online application.

How to Subscribe to Taskstream Using a Credit Card

Please subscribe to Taskstream at the following link:

The login page will appear.

Click on CREATE/RENEW ACCOUNT near the login area.


If you have an up-to-date subscription from another university, please call Taskstream for instructions on how to transfer that account to SDSU.                                        Taskstream 800-311-5656  

You should see the “Purchase or Activate Subscription” page.

Step 1:  Activate Subscription.

1. Select the type of subscription that applies:

  • Create a new Taskstream subscription (First Time Subscriber).
  • Renew my Taskstream subscription.
  • Convert my guest account to paid subscription.

2. Choose Option 1: Credit card purchase, and then click the Continue button. You do not have a key code.

Step 2:  General Information

1. Select “I am participating in a COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY program that requires Taskstream.” Click on Continue.

Step 2 continued:  College/University Information

2. On the next screen, select:



San Diego State University. 

Click on Continue.

Step 3:  Personal Information

1. Department:  School of Teacher Education 

  • Group:  Students

2. Subscription Rate:  1 year ($42).

3. General Information (required by Taskstream)

  • Fill in the personal information. 
  • If you have and recall a Red ID from SDSU, please enter it. If not, please check "I don't know my student ID."
  • Be sure to note your username and password, which will be the username and password you will use to access courses in Taskstream. 
  • Roles:  Student

4. Tool Options: Yes, add the Teaching Productivity Tool Pack

5. Complete the “Other Information” section, as follows. Please note that Clear Credential, as well as Induction applicants, select Induction Teaching. Also note that we have asked Taskstream to fix the duplicate list under Credential Programs.

  • Select Learning and Teaching
  • Select Graduate credential only
  • Select MS and SS Clear-Induction Credential Program

6. Please indicate your highest degree upon entering the program.

7. The following are for statistical purposes only. You may choose not to respond.   

  • Ethnicity.
  • Is English your first language?
  • What is your dominant language?

 The following items do not apply to the Clear-Induction Program, so answer with Not Applicable:

  • What Block are you in?
  • Which Block are you in?

8. Please review the End-User Agreement. Then check that you accept the end-user agreement. Click on Continue.

Step 4:  Confirm Registration Information

1. Please review your information on the confirmation page. Click on Edit if you need to make any changes. Or click on Continue to activate your account.

  • Please save the page for future reference. Make a note of your password and keep it in a safe place.

Step 5:  Confirm Subscription Period

1. Please make sure the subscription period matches your needs (we recommend a one-year subscription due to the savings. Click on [change subscription period] if you need to make a change. Or click on Proceed to Checkout.

Step 6:  Billing Information

1. Please enter your credit card information. Click on Continue.

Step 7:  General Information

1. Please review your order. Click on Edit if you need to make any changes. Or click on Place Order to finalize your subscription.

2. Important:  Please ensure that a valid email address has been entered so Taskstream can contact you if necessary.  All email addresses are confidential and will not be made available to third parties.

We suggest that you add the,, and email addresses to your email application’s address book to help ensure that emails from Taskstream will be delivered and not blocked by any spam software or settings that could be enabled on your computer.

Access to the SDSU Clear-Induction Program Application

1. Login at Use your username and password.

2. Click on the Enter Code button in the lower left corner. Enter the Program Code GMUSXZ in the next screen. Do not enter any spaces. Click on Search.


3. If you entered a valid program code, you should see Clear Credential-Induction Program Application. Click the Enroll button. You will then be notified that you successfully enrolled into the program. Then you can click on the following to start the application:  Clear Credential-Induction Program Application.  Be sure to save the application periodically as you work. You can save the application and log in at a later time to complete the form. Be sure to hit Submit twice when you are finished and wish to submit the application.  




Be sure to add the following email addresses to your contacts so that you can receive messages from the Clear-Induction Director and the Clear-Induction Office. 




If you are looking for the Special Education Program

The SDSU Induction Program for Education Specialists is part of the Special Education Department. Click here to access the Special Education Department.