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San Diego State University


Tuition and Funding

How much does it cost to go to SDSU? The answer to that question depends on your choice in scheduling. At SDSU you pay a flat fee for your first 6 credit hours. Any coursework on top of that, no matter how much, incurs a second flat fee. For example, taking 9.0 credit hours of class costs the same as 15.0 credit hours. Current tuition information is available at University Admissions. In general the second flat fee is cheaper by the credit hour, so it makes financial sense, if you can manage it, to register full time. When considering cost, you should also take into account textbooks for each class, which routinely cost more than $100 each. Dont forget about parking, too.

Scholarship Information

There are a few scholarships that foucs on teacher education students in the area of special education. Consult University resources for more information on each.

Judy and Russ James Scholarship

All Credential Areas: Up to $2000.00 available annually to a full-time student who has completed one semester of special education courses or a full-time teacher who is a part-time student in the special education credential program. Because of the James' longstanding association with the Santee schools, preference may be given to a student with a connection in that area. Applications are typically due in early Spring and awarded for that semester.
Faculty announce availability in class.

Ben Ziri Scholarship

Moderate/Severe & Early Childhood Special Education: The Ben Ziri Caravan #128 of the Order of the Alhambra has created a memorial scholarship fund to support students working towards their special education credential with a focus on teaching students with moderate to severe disabilities. Funds are received by the Department of Special Education in memory of one or more of the members of this Catholic organization. Recipients typically receive $500 to defray educational expenses.

Notifications of applications are posted on the bulletin board outside the department office (North Education 70) and are announced in classes.

Petersen Foundation Scholarship

All areas: Offered annually. Applications due in Fall.

Where else can I go?

You will also find information about funding on the department projects website.

Need help paying?

The SDSU financial AID department should be your first stop. A list of grants and loans available can be found there. They also have staff willing to help you though the process.