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San Diego State University




Number of Semesters       

Fall Courses unless you are an exception and then you need to see an advisor


Early Childhood Preliminary  


SPED 528    SPED 643B

SPED 553    SPED 635 

SPED 530    SPED 980D**  


SPED 528    SPED 643B

SPED 553    SPED 970D**  


Moderate to Severe Preliminary


SPED 505    SPED 657

SPED 525    SPED 635

SPED 530    SPED 970B**

TE 930*       SPED 647


SPED 525    SPED 530  

SPED 635    SPED 970B** 


Mild to Moderate Preliminary 


SPED 505    SPED 647

SPED 530    TE 930*

SPED 553    SPED 970A**

SPED 560 


SPED 505    SPED 524  

SPED 553    SPED 970A** 



SPED 553    CSP710B

SPED 685 


Transition Specialization

4ARPE 687 



SPED 651 

elective (see an advisor) 

 SPED 651 (either section)  

MASTERS: Autism Moderate to Severe Early Childhood Mild to Moderate

4ED 690 with Dr. Brum (either section with C)  

Important Announcement

For those who hope to be hired with internship credentials:

To apply for the Internship Credential, based on amendments to Education Specialist Interships last month, Interns are now required to have English Learner and Language Arts Preparation (120 hours of practicum and course work in related areas) before beginning as an intern. If a student holds another credential issued before 2002, all of these requirements are met. If a student does not hold another credential, to become an Intern students must take SPED 500, 501, 502, 527, 915C, and Teacher Education 930 all of which are offered in the summer. Throughout the program of study all courses are infused with English learner and multicultural competencies; Interns will need to demonstrate competencies related to multicultural diversity, English language learner instruction, and Language Arts instruction during every semester of their program.


Prospective Student Advising

    Walk-in advising for the Preliminary Education Specialist credential is available in the Office of Student Services (OSS) located in EBA-259. Walk-in hours are posted on their Walk-In Advising Webpage.

    Group Advising Sessions for both the preliminary credential program and the supplemental program application process are listed at the Office of Student Service's Group Advising Webpage.

    Please contact the Special Education Department for information regarding all other programs. 

    Summer 2017 SPED Individual Advising Schedules