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Part II: Planning and Designing Learner-centered School Facilities

Engage Community

Community Development and Schools

Opportunity Rich Schools and Sustainable Communities

Growth & Opportunity

Joint Use of Public Schools

NCEF Resource List on Community Development and School Facilities

NCEF Resource List on Community Participation in School Planning

Linking School Construction Investments to Equity, Smart Growth, and Healthy Communities

Good Buildings, Better Schools: An Economic Stimulus Opportunity with Long-term Benefits

Reconnecting Schools and Neighborhoods: An Introduction to School-Centered Community Revitalization

Intergovernmental Collaboration and School Facility Siting

Community Use

Joint Use Initiatives

All Together Now: Sharing Responsibility for the Whole Child 

Growing Community Schools: The Role of Cross-Boundary Leadership

Schools for the Future: Design Schools for Extended Services

Schools as Community Facilities: Policy Framework and Guidelines [Australia]

Schools as Centers of Community: A Citizens' Guide For Planning and Design. Second edition.

Making the Difference: Research and Practice in Community Schools

Catching the Age Wave: Building Schools With Senior Citizens in Mind

Designing Space for Sports and Arts: Design Guidelines for Sports and Arts Facilities in Primary Schools for Dual School and Community Use

NCEF Resurces on Community Use of School Facilities

Partnerships for Joint Use

Under One Roof: The Integration of Schools and Community Services in OECD Countries

Partnerships and Neighborhoods

Walkable Neighborhood Schools

Opportunity-Rich Schools and Sustainable Communities: Seven Steps to Align High-Quality Education with Innovations in City and Metropolitan Planning and Development