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Part II: Planning and Designing Learner-centered School Facilities

Design to Support Learning and Teaching

Reading a School Building Like a Book: The Influence of the Physical School Setting on Learning and Literacy

Implications of Curriculum Reform for School Buildings in Scotland

New Zealand: Modernising Schools in a Decentralised Environment

School Design Factors for Improving Student Learning

Architecture Can Teach

The Impact of School Environments: A Literature Review

LAUSD School Facilities and Academic Performance

Do School Facilities Affect Academic Outcomes?

School Facility Conditions and Student Achievement

The impact of school  environments: A literature review . London, United Kingdom: The Design Council

Ten Educational Trends Shaping School Planning and Design

Understanding the Design Process for Outdoor Play & Learning Environments

Sustainable Design and Whole School Sustainability

Center for Green Schools

Local Leaders in Sustainability. Special Report from Sundance: A Nation Action Plan for Greening America's Schools

National Action Plan for Education for Ssutainability

Green Strides

The Green School Alliance

Exploring Six Principles of Sustainable School Design

Building Sustainable Schools for Healthy Kids

The Impact of Sustainable Buildings on Educational Achievements in K-12 Schools

The Impact of Sustainable School Design on Primary School Children's Environmental Attitude and Behavior

CHPS High Performance Schools Manual


Linking school facility conditions to teacher satisfaction and success. National Clearinghouse  for Educational Facilities

The effects of school facility quality on teacher retention in urban school districts. Washington, DC.: National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities


School Size and Capacity

Reducing the Negative Effects of Large Schools

School Size, School Climate, and Student Performance

Public School Principals Report on Their School Facilities: Fall 2005

Educational Adequacy Assessments: Making a Difference Where Our Children Learn

Assessing the Net Capacity of Schools 

School Facilities Report: The Results of a Statewide Survey To Determine the Physical Condition and Capacity of Wisconsin's Public Schools

School Capacity Update: An Essential but Often Forgotten Planning Proces