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Part II: Planning and Designing Learner-centered School Facilities

Analyze Existing Conditions 

Assessing Environmental Quality

The Relationship between Environmental Quality of School Facilities and Student Performance. A Congressional Briefing to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science

Indoor air quality

Causes of Indoor Air Quality Problems in Schools. Summary of Scientific Research.


Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings


New Standards Should Help Children in Noisy Classrooms

Kids in Noisy Classrooms: What Deos the Research Really Say?

Have You Heard? Noise Can Effect Learning!

The Needs Assessment Process

A Demographic Projecting Wrinkle 

Projecting Student Enrollments in Tough Economic Times 


Renovation and Historic Restoration

Extreme School Remodeling

Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Education

Historic Schools: Renovation vs. Replacement & the Role of a Feasibility Study

Build New or Renovate

Educate Yourself About Preservation: Preserving Pennsylvania’s Historic School Buildings

Renovate or Replace

Schools for the Future. Transforming Schools: An Inspirational Guide to Remodelling Secondary Schools.

Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Educations 

State Policies and School Facilities: How States Can Support or Undermine Neighborhood Schools and Community Preservation

Why Johnny Can't Walk to School: Historic Neighborhood Schools in the Age of Sprawl.

Cinderella Stories: Adaptive Reuse of Older Buildings

Capital Improvement Programs

Building Minds, Minding Buildings: School Infrastructure Funding Need, A State-by- State Assessment and an Analysis of Recent Court Cases

Smart Schools, Smart Growth.