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San Diego State University

COE Qualtrics User Support

Lesson 10: Protecting Data


After collecting data, it is necessary to ensure the data remains protected. Protecting data is the focus of this lesson addresses. The initial focus is on identifying plans for protecting data and the rationale for doing so. The lesson then examines ways to secure the identities of survey participants. The final portions examine issues related to protecting data when working with collaborators and utilizing secure passwords when workign with online data collection tools.

Lesson Objectives

The lesson addresses the following points:
  1. articulate multiple plans for securing data and reasons this is necessary
  2. clarify approaches for securing respondents identity and confidentiality
  3. summarizes means for working with collaborators that will ensure data remains secure
  4. explain guidelines for protecting access to online data collection tools

Lesson Resources

Learning Activities

  1. Coding Schemes
    1. Prior to the discussion, have students review the Protecting confidentiality & anonymity webpage.
    2. Have them develop a plan for separating identities of respondents from the responses and how to protect this while using Qualtrics.
  2. Shared Responsibility
    1. Have students review the Qualtrics University – Collaborate guide.
    2. Require students to create a survey and list you as a collaborator.

Reflection/Discussion Topics

  1. What do you believe would be the most secure way to survey data? What risks are associated with that?
  2. How might one use survey data to identify individuals?
  3. What plausible reasons might a person give for believing it is acceptable to share passwords when collaborating with a colleague while using an online survey tool?

Additional Resources

Magid, L. (2009, August 14). How to make strong, easy-to-remember passwords. CNET, Retrieved from