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Resources for Pathways Service-Learning Tutors


In choosing to become a part of the Pathways Service-Learning Program, you have become a valuable part of our team.  Through our interview and hiring process, we have seen the qualities that we consider essential in a committed tutor.

The Pathways Office is committed to serving both undergraduate students and K-12 pre-college students.  As part of our staff we expect you to hold this among the highest of your priorities.  You are expected to model appropriate student behavior such as punctuality, respect for others, and a commitment to academics. 


If you have questions or concerns always start with contacting the Pathways Office:
Pathways Office (Service-Learning tutoring: America Reads, America Counts, and Talent Search)
Staff: Nadia Rohlinger, Kyra Freeburg, and Erika Espinosa Araiza

Location: North Education Building, Room 280
Phone: (619) 594-8626


Office Hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs 9:00am-4:00pm; Wednesday closed; Friday 9:00am-2:00pm

Time Sheets

Blank Time Sheet



Tutoring Advice

Techniques for Effective Tutors

Approaches to Working With Student

Psychological Aspects of Tutoring

Situational Strategies for Effective Tutors

Supporting English Language Learners

Supporting Struggling Readers & Writers








Forms and Procedures

First Day of Work 

Student Data Form

Tutor Evaluation Form

Tutor Job Description

Tutor Code of Ethics

Cell Phone Policy

Dress Code Policy

Tutor Log Instructions

Tutor Log