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Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways Office Service-Learning Tutoring

- Do I have to have work-study in order to be eligible?
No, you do not have to have work-study to be eligible for a tutoring position- you can be a volunteer instead of a paid tutor. The hours you commit will count towards early field experience if you need that for a teaching credential or for your resume as job experience. In order to be paid you have to have work-study.

- When is the deadline for the position?
We stop hiring after the classes are filled or by the campus add/drop deadline.

- Do you interview in person or on the phone?
We do not interview over the phone; it is in person only. That said many tutors don't come back until the beginning of the semester and we would set you up with an interview when you are back in town. You can set up the interview in advance.

- How long is the commitment?
The commitment is for the entire semester. If you like it you can take the class a second time and get credit and still tutor. You can just tutor too. Some of our tutors have been with us for years because they love it. It is one semester at a time though.

- Since this is like adding any other class, will this be part of my tuition or exempt?
It is part of your tuition as it is a regular SDSU class that is tied to the job. That is what Service-Learning is, taking learning into the community.

- Do we have to turn in an official transcript or is the unofficial transcript okay?
The unofficial transcript is perfect! No need to turn in an official transcript.

- Do I have to enroll in the class? Or is that only for people who are hired?
After the interview and you get hired we then give you an add code for the class nobody can sign up unless they have been hired so you don't have to worry about that for now. Just leave a space in your schedule for the class you want.

- How much does the position pay?
$13 per hour if you are eligible for work-study.

- How do I know if I am eligible for Work Study?
Talk to the Financial Aid Office and ask if you are eligible for work-study.  You may need to request that it is activated. It no longer is automatically turned on for eligible students. 

- Approximately how long does the process take until I am able to start tutoring?

Within two weeks after submitting your final schedule, given that all of your other paperwork is turned in, and you are cleared (TB test and Live Scan).

- What schools do you serve?
Marshall Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, O’Farrell Middle, Horace Mann Middle, Bell Middle, Wilson Middle, Monroe Clark Middle, Castle Park High, Crawford High, Hoover High, Montgomery High, Lincoln High, Morse High, O'Farrell High and Southwest High.

- I don’t have any experience as a tutor does that matter?
No, we host a tutor training day each semester you enroll in a service-learning class plus we provide you with monthly professional development seminars. 

- How do I start?
Download our Service-learning Application, also contains the job description. That document is the starting point, complete the application and either email it to or drop it by our office with all the supporting documents and we will set you up with an interview!

- I am going to be absent from class and cannot tutor, what do I do?
You must email your teachers and the Pathways Office at You can request days off in advance if you need time to study.