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San Diego State University

Center for Family, School, Community Engagement


1. Parent Liaison Professional Development 

This training is designed to prepare staff to coordinate your existing familiy engagement programs to build effective new strategies to increase academic achievement for students in K-12 schools.  This program is the most comprehensive professional development program of its type in California and nationally.

What is the Parent Liaison Certificate Program?

It provides a solid foundation for those new to coordinating family engagement programs and strengthens skills of experienced familiy engagement staff.  Participants will receive practical, hands-on training and tools needed to sustain high quality family engagement programs focused on increasing student achievement and building strong school-family partnerships to support student success.

The training is focused on the specific roles for parent liaisons, parent recruitment strategies, building on the strengths of culturally and linguistically diverse families, planning and implementing high quality familiy engagement programs that directly support the schools’ goals to improve achievement and meets state and federal familiy engagement requirements. 

What are the requirements?

  • No prior college coursework or degree is required. To earn a certificate, participants must complete both days of our Level 1 and Level 2 trainings OR attend our NEW 3-day combined Level I & II training. You may attend Level I and Level II trainings in any order as long as they are completed within 2 years. Or attend the new 3-day condensed training to earn your certificate faster.
  • Level 1 — Attendance at a 2-day “Engaging All Families to Create a Culture of Achievement” meets this requirement.
  • Level 2 — Attendance at the 2-day Parent Liaison Professional Development Certificate Program meets this requirement. 
  • NEW! 3-Day Training — Condensed Level I & II Professional Development Training.

Cost and Registration Information:

  • The cost for the NEW 3-day training is $495 per person and $475 for 2 or more people.
  • How can the Professional Development Training be Funded?
    Schools or districts may consider funding the training costs for family engagement staff using Title I or English Learner family engagement funds, or staff development funds. Class content is specifically designed to assist Title I schools and meet state and federal family engagement requirements.
  • How to Register for the Parent Liaison Certificate?
    Once we set a date for the professional development training you will need to submit a registration form along with payment for class fees by the due date.

2. Professional Development for Parent Leaders

What is the Parent Leadership Academy and Network (PLAN)?
PLAN prepares identified and emerging parent leaders, especially those from underserved commnitities, to work effectively with educators to reach out and engage other families in their children's education to make sure all students are college and career ready. 

PLAN outcomes?

  • Parent Leaders who complete the class sessions will be able to:
    1. Understand the powerful impact families have on their children's school achievement.
    2. Set education goals for their children.
    3. Assume leadership roles at school and district level as problem solvers and advocates for improving educational outcomes for all children.
    4. Work with educators to motivate other families to become engaged in their children's education in positive ways.
    5. Mentor emerging parent leaders to sustain effective home-school-community partnerships that benefit students and schools.

PLAN set up and cost:

We will provide two 6-hour sessions with 3 hours out-of-class assignments for a total of 15 hours.  Costs vary depending on the size of your group. (we require a minimum of 45 participants)

  • The training sessions provide an active learning environment for participnats to engage in discussions and learn form each other in order to build their own leadership skills. Parent leaders will build their confidence and competence to reach out to other parents and the school community to support student success.
For more inforation or questions download our flyer here or contact Melissa Popovich at: 619.594.4756;


What parent liaisons and family engagement staff have said about our Parent Liaison Professional Development Trainings:

"I really enjoyed this training because it was a great opportunity to share experiences and meet people with the same problems and try and come up with solutions"
–Parent Liaison
 "Before the training, I felt overwhelmed and had no direction, After the training, I can confidently say that the next school year will go much smoother because of the resources, tools and networking opportunities."
–Parent Liaison Coordinator
 "Many useful suggestions. I liked the way the materials helped us to consolidate ideas and make them reality."
-Family & Community Liaison
"This training was great because it touched upon many different subjects that parent liaisons face. We were able to collaborate with each other to find solutions to our issues/concerns."  
-Parent Liaison
“Good solid course that provides tools for one to hit the ground running with a game plan.”
–School Community Liaison
“I am new to my position. This information will be extremely beneficial and will help to provide the framework needed to successfully do my job. “
–Parent Liaison
“This training was very informative. I left feeling very enthusiastic to ramp up the parent relations programs at my school!” –Site Administrator

What educators and parent leaders have said about Parent Leadership Academy and Network (PLAN) Training:

 “Thank you for the wealth of information to help increase parent participation and encourage a true partnership.”    
 “Thank you for the wealth of information to help increase parent participation and encourage a true partnership.”     
 “Fantastic! The training had great resources. I really liked when we were able to plan at our table and discuss topics with other groups. This should be a requirement for all schools.”    
 “PLAN helped parent leaders understand how to establish a home learning environment that supports student achievement and how to partner with the school to reach out and involve all parents.”   
  “Two things I learned were to work as a team with the school and to motivate my children to go to college.”    
–Parent Leader
  “Earning a Professional Development Certificate boosted parents’ competence and confidence in working with the school and reaching out to involve other parents.”
–School Project Leader and SDSU Professor
 "The experience learning the “4 M’s” allowed our lives to grow. I learned how to motivate my children to be better students and to know them better.”   
–Parent Leader