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San Diego State University

Center for Family, School, Community Engagement

New Director of the Center for Family, School and Community Engagement


To: College of Education Faculty and Staff

From: Y. Barry Chung, Dean

Subject: New Director of the Center for Family, School and Community Engagement

I am excited to inform you that our college has reconstructed the Center for Family, School and Community Engagement (CFSCE), with Dr. Shulamit N. Ritblatt as the new Director.  

The mission of the CFSCE is to build the capacity of families, educators, and community partners to advance the education and social emotional well-being of children.  It provides platforms for engaging in collaborative problem solving, leadership development for parents and educators to work together, and through new research that shines a light on partnership practices to support the healthy development and school success of children from “cradle through college.”  The goal of CFSCE is to engage its community and change lives by putting knowledge and skills to work, in order to solve the most chronic and persistent educational and relational problems.  The CFSCE will promote trauma-informed practices in schools, and will serve as a leadership-building institute for parents at low-achieving schools, as a family engagement “laboratory” for educators working to turn low-achieving schools around, and a source for researching, evaluating, and sharing the best family-school-community engagement practices for improving student outcomes. 

Dr. Shulamit Ritblatt, Professor in the Department of Child and Family Development, will provide leadership to CFSCE.  Dr. Ritblatt received her Ph.D. in child and family development from Florida State University.  She is an expert in early childhood social-emotional development with the focus on early childhood mental health and learning readiness.  Her work focuses on prevention and early intervention, utilizing relational, reflective, and trauma-informed practices to support healthy development of young children.  Throughout the years, Dr. Ritblatt received numerous teaching awards including Outstanding Faculty Awards, COE Dean’s Excellence Award, Senate Excellence in Teaching Award, and SDSU Alumni Association's Award for Outstanding Faculty Contributions. From 2009 to December 2015, Dr. Ritblatt served as Chair of the Child & Family Development Department.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Ritblatt to this new leadership role as Director of the Center for Family, School and Community Engagement.


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