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Frequently Asked Questions for the Single Subject and Multiple Subject Credential Programs



I am a prospective SDSU Credential Program student. I did not apply for Fall. Can I apply for Spring?
What is the deadline for applying to the credential program?
Does my GPA meet the requirement for the program?


Basic Skills Requirement

How do I meet the Basic Skills requirement?


Bilingual Options

Can I obtain my secondary teaching credential in the area
of Mandarin?
What is the difference between the bilingual Multiple Subject (MS) or
Single Subject (SS) programs and the other Multiple and Single subject 
credential programs offered at SDSU?



Want to know more about our Block Model?


Certificate of Clearance

What is the Certificate of Clearance and do I need one?
I still haven't received my certificate of clearance. How long do those usually
take to be granted?



What does the credential program cost?



If I am accepted into the credential program, can I take any courses elsewhere
for transfer credit?


CPR Requirement

Can I take the CPR class online?


Early Field Experience (EFE)

Does substitute teaching count for the Early Field Experience?
How do full time employees fulfill the Early Field Experience requirements?



I am trying to register for the Multiple Subject CSET exam, do I need to take all the parts?
Do I need to have passed the CSET exam before applying or before the program starts?
Do I need to take the CSET exam?
How do I meet the Basic Skills requirement?


General Program Questions

Is there a program that offers a Master's in Education with a teaching credential?
I would like to teach in a middle or high school.
What would I need to do?
I would like to become an elementary teacher.
What would I need to do?
I’m currently in the SDSU Liberal Studies program with plans to get a multiple subject credential. Can I also get a single subject credential at the same time?
I’m currently in a single subject for teachers major at SDSU with plans to get
a single subject credential. Can I also get a multiple subject credential at the
same time?
Will this credential program allow me to teach outside of CA?
How long will it take to complete the credential program?
Does your university offer an online credential program?
What does a “day in the life” of a student enrolled in the program look like?



Is the availability of internships possible? And how might that option
be pursued?
Can you work while completing the credential program?


Pre-requisite Courses

I need assistance finding equivalent prerequisite courses at
other schools.


U.S. Constitution Requirement

Do I need to take additional coursework to meet the U.S.
Constitution requirement?