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San Diego State University



Objective-Driven Lessons

Have you ever wondered how you can make the most of your lessons to increase the likelihood that your students will master what is being taught?

In the highest performing urban schools, lessons are driven by the specific academic objective the teachers want students to master. This means that everything that happens during the lesson is designed to maximize the likelihood that all students will master the objective.

Watch as we joined principals, teachers and NCUST executive coaches to discuss how objective-driven lessons are implemented schoolwide. In this webinar, you will learn the purpose and characteristics of objective-driven lessons, as well as what a learning objective is and what it is not!

Karen Janney, Ed.D., NCUST Executive Coach
Barbra Balser, NCUST Executive Coach


Teacher Collaboration in High-Performing Urban Schools

See what NCUST has learned about teacher collaboration from the winners of our National Excellence in Urban Education Award program.

Lynne Perez, Ph.D., NCUST Associate Director
Gina Gianzero, Ed.D., NCUST Executive Coach
Shirley Peterson, Ed.D., NCUST Executive Coach
Rosario Villareal, Principal, Otay Elementary School, 2012 NEUE Winning School
(along with two of his teachers)

Learn about how high-performing urban schools are achieving excellence through effective, frequent and regular teacher collaboration.


2016 Awards Application Webinar 

Join Dr. Joseph Johnson, Executive Director of NCUST as he walks us through the application process for the 2016 National Excellence in Urban Education Awards.


Joseph F. Johnson Jr., Ph.D., NCUST Executive Director