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San Diego State University


About the Annual National Excellence in Urban Education Symposium

The National Excellence in Urban Education Symposium spotlights the nation’s top urban schools that achieve exceptional academic results. At the symposium, principals, superintendents, teacher leaders, and other educators are engaged in meeting, listening to, and asking questions of leaders from these outstanding urban schools.
Hear from educators at high-performing schools with students like yours, and share your thoughts about how we can:
    •    break down barriers to achievement
    •    build a data-focused, collaborative learning community
    •    enable learning for all students
For many educators the symposium is an important step in the journey to transforming their schools and achieving academic excellence. At the symposium you will have the opportunity to:
    •    Tour award-winning schools and see for yourself how they work
    •    Gain insights and motivation from keynote speakers
    •    Engage in exciting Special Topic Sessions from national experts