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San Diego State University


Math for America Fellows

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MSTI provides support for the Math for America San Diego program.

Dr. Lisa Lamb, is the SDSU Math for America faculty coordinator. She recruits and provides support for prospective mathematics credential students who meet the criteria for Math for America Fellows.

I joined the faculty of San Diego State's School of Teacher Education in Fall, 1998 as a mathematics educator. Previously I taught high school mathematics at public schools in Virginia and California. My research focuses on students’ conceptions of integers and how to support students’ development of integers. In other efforts, I am working with a CRMSE group to study teachers’ perspectives at different years of participation in sustained professional development focused on children’s mathematical thinking.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 619-594-5130
Fax: 619-594-7828


Dr. Patrick Callahan, is the SDSU Math for America mathematics support provider. He assists prospective mathematics credential students with the application process for Math for America.

Dr. Patrick Callahan is currently the Co-Director of the California Mathematics Project State-Wide Office. Before this he was Executive Director of the University of California Science and Mathematics Initiative. At the UC Office of the President he led several statewide efforts to recruit, prepare, and support mathematics and science teachers. Dr. Callahan had also been involved with many national projects and research on teacher content knowledge and the development of instruments to measure content knowledge for teaching. Dr. Callahan was a Senior Research Scientist at WestEd and continues to research the structure of teacher networks and professional development. Before becoming involved in state and national education, Dr. Callahan was a low-dimensional geometric topologist at the University of Texas at Austin.


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