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Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Department of Counseling and School Psychology

Marriage & Family Therapy
multicultural 2-year face-to-face training program

Frequently Asked Questions

I for Information
regarding the MFT program
set-up and logistics
regarding theoretical orientations,
academic expectations,
and faculty
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regarding the application
requirements and process
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regarding clinical training
and experience to be gained
in the MFT program
regarding costs, funding opportunities, and scholarships

Program FAQs

[+] How long is the program?
[+] Does the program have its own clinic?
[+] Can I attend the program and work?
[+] Is there a part-time option to acquiring an MFT degree?
[+] Will all classes be held on the SDSU campus?
[+] What is the average class size and structure?
[+] Do I have to take the classes assigned to me, or can I assemble my own schedule?
[+] What will my first semester (Summer) look like?
[+] How much time is spent in class? Will I be with the same group of people?
[+] Are classes primarily held in the day or evening?
[+] What are career opportunities post-graduation like? What are the best ways to find a job?

Academic FAQs

[+] What are the philosophical underpinnings of the program?
[+] What should I expect from our classes?
[+] What can I expect from the professors? What are they like? How accessible are they?
[+] What is the faculty’s theoretical orientation and what does that mean for the program?
[+] What if I ascribe to a theory that differs from Post-Structuralism?
[+] In what ways does this program better help prepare me to transition into a Ph.D. program?

Application FAQs

[+] How many applications do I need to submit?
[+] Are there any pre-requisites to apply?
[+] What are the minimum GPA and GRE requirements?
[+] Can I meet with someone to discuss the program?
[+] When will the application be available?
[+] Is there a preference of who writes my recommendation letters?
I am unable to scan at home. May I mail the required documents directly to the department?
[+] Do I need to submit unofficial and official GRE scores to you and CSU mentor?
[+] I have a post bachelor’s degree (masters, PhD. Etc.). Am I required to take the GRE's?
[+] How many applicants are accepted in comparison to those who have applied?
[+] Can I transfer from another program?
[+] I’m an international student, how can I obtain more enrollment information?

Client Work (Clinical) FAQs

[+] What is the difference between Practicum, Traineeship and Internship? Do I get paid?
[+] What are my options for Traineeship sites? What is expected of me? Is there assistance?
[+] What if I don’t feel comfortable seeing clients after the initial summer semester?
[+] Will I have enough time to complete my hours and keep up with my classes?
[+] How many hours are needed for graduation, and how are they broken down?
[+] What happens if I don’t complete all my hours in time for graduation?

Finance and Tuition FAQs

[+] What is the estimated cost of admission?
[+] What kind of financial aid is available?
[+] Are there any funding through working with faculty?
Marriage & Family Therapy Program


Phone: 619-594-6109