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San Diego State University

COE Creative Media Lounge


The following are links to helpful resources related to Instructional Design, Educational Technology, Web Development, and various sites we have enjoyed and found useful. This page might seem a little bare right now, but rest assured, we will be continuously adding links as the days go on.

SDSU Campus Links

Design Tools

  • More Crayons - Colors for Web Designers in a simple and creative interface
  • Colorschemer - Hex and RGB codes for your selected color and a harmonious color palette suggestion
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator - Lorem Ipsum for all your filler text needs

Cascading Style Sheets

  • CSS Zen Garden - Beautiful standards based design using CSS
  • CSS Zen Garden Resource List - Dave Shea's extremely useful resource list to fix common bugs, learn about new techniques, and other insightful goodies
  • CSS Discuss - Mailing List for all your CSS Needs
  • CSS Hacks - Compilation of the various hacks for browser incompatibilities...useful if you are in a bind