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San Diego State University

COE Creative Media Lounge

Student Help Line (619) 594-6134

The Creative Media Lounge staff goal is to support current technologies in on-campus, on-site, and on-line learning environments—technologies that increase the ease and enjoyment of teaching and learning.

We provide an excellent online knowledgebase and well-trained professional staff to answer your questions, and are continuously looking for ways to improve and expand services.

Our Goal

  • Document Solutions.
  • Answer technical and computer related questions.
  • Consult on hardware and software.
  • Direct callers to technical resources.
  • Provide basic troubleshooting answers related to the listed software applications.

 Your Responisbilities

  • Faculty should provide basic training and instruction on how to use the software required for their courses or explicitly direct students to self-help resources.
  • The Creative Media Lounge staff will assist students with basic design and development questions related to course work in the Educational Technology department.
  • Students should exhaust other resources such as their class syllabi, class notes, software manuals, classmates, online resources, and instructors prior to calling the lab staff for help.
  • The lab staff will not provide class specific information such as course numbers, meeting times, assignment requirements, syllibi information, messages to the instructor, and class resources.
  • You may need to provide the lab staff with the computer type, operating system, internet connection, total ram, software version, return phone number, related class, and specific instructor. 


Help Line Hours

Summer 2013*

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed

*Hours subject to change