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Adobe Sign


1. Open your PDF in Acrobat

Open pdf 1 


 2. Select Tools, then select Prepare Form

Select tools 2 


3. The appropriate text, date, and signature fields will auto populate. Double check if everything is correct.

Auto populate 


 4. If something is not correct, use the tools uptop. For signatures select

Not correct 

then drag and size to the appropriate location and size.

Appropriate signature location and size 


5. Save your PDF when all fields are complete. 


6. Log in to Adobe Sign and select Send. Enter the recipients email with a message and upload your form.

Adobe sign 


7. In Adobe Sign's preview, once again, check that all fields are correct.

Sign Preview 


8. When everything looks good, click send and you will recieve confirmation. 

Sign confirmation 


9. On the reipients end, the form will look like this. 

Recipients end 


10. They will now be able to fill and sign the form.Sign the form 


sign the form 2 


11. When the signer has completed the form, both parties will recieve confirmation.

Signer completed the form