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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

PK-12 Concentration

Course Sequence

Year One
Course Units Semester
ED 815 Re-Thinking Leadership 3 Summer
 EDL 830 Leadership for Learning3 Summer
ED 895 Seminar in Research & Writing 3 Fall
ED 851 Seminar in Qualitative Methods of Inquiry 3 Fall
EDL 880 Seminar in Advanced Topics in Ed. Leadership 3 Spring
 ED 850 Seminar in Quantitative Methods & Inquiry3Spring
ED 840 Seminar in Ed. Leadership in a Diverse Society 3 Summer
Year Two
Course Units Semester
 Qualifying Exam  
EDL 760 Internship in PreK-12 Educational Organizations 3 Fall
ED 855 Seminar in Ed. Leadership for Developing Educational Systems 3 Fall
ED 836 Seminar in Research Support & Writing Support 3 Fall
EDL 707 Education Law & Finance 3 Spring
EDL 720 Human Resource Development in PreK-12 Educational Organizations 3 Spring
ED 836 Seminar in Research Support & Writing Support 3 Spring
Dissertation Proposal Approval    
ED 860 Seminar in Leadership & Educational Change 3 Summer
EDL 755 Governance & Policy Development in PreK-12 Learning Organizations 3 Summer
 ED 899 Doctoral Dissertation6
Year Three
Course Units Semester
ED 885 Seminar in Educational Program Planning & Evaluation 3 Fall
ED 899 Doctoral Dissertation 3
ED 899 Doctoral Dissertation 3 Spring
 Dissertation Defense  


* This is a sample course sequence checklist.
  Course sequence may be revised per cohort.