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San Diego State University

Joint PhD Program in Education


Q. Do I have to have my master’s degree before I apply to the program?
A. Applicants must have a master’s degree prior to beginning the program.

Q. Does your program accept spring admissions?
A. The program only admits students in the Fall Semester.

Q. How do I apply to your to your program?
A. The application can be found online by clicking here.  

Q. What scores do I need for my GRE?
A. You should have a total score (V+Q) of at least 950 or 295  (for tests taken 8/1/2011 or after), and your GRE scores should be less than 5 years old.

Q. How many units do I have to take?
A. A full time graduate student takes 9 units and a part time graduate student takes 3.0-6.0 units. For this program you will complete 24 units at San Diego State University, 24 units at Claremont Graduate University, and 24 units transferred from a Master’s program.

Q. What courses are required to take if admitted into the program?
A.  There are only 2 research courses required.  In consultation with faculty advisors from the two cooperating universities, students develop an individualized program of study appropriate to their particular interests and designed to support their development.

Q. Do I take classes at CGU and SDSU at the same time?
A. Students can follow a variety of course taking patterns. It is advised that students begin taking classes at CGU as soon as possible.

Q. Can I receive financial aid at both Universities? 
If you are enrolled concurrently at both SDSU (home institution) and CGU (host institution). You may receive financial aid from either institution, but not from both institutions during the same semester.

Q. How long does it usually take to complete the program?
A. Full time graduate students can complete the program in 3 to 3.5 years. Part time graduate students complete the program in 5 to 7 years.

Q. Do both Universities grant the degree?
A. Yes, it's a joint program, both Univesity's seals are imprinted on the diploma.

Q. Do I pay the same fees at both Universities?
A. No when you register for classes at San Diego State University, you pay San Diego State fees. When you register at Claremont Graduate University, you pay CGU fees.