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San Diego State University

Joint PhD Program in Education

Sample of Doctoral Courses

Below is a sample of courses offered in the program. 


Offered at SDSU:
ED 801: Seminar on Social & Cultural Foundations of Multicultural Education
ED 804: English Learner Education: Models, Current Research and Policy Trends
ED 806: Ethnically Diverse Learners: Public Policy & Classroom Practice

ED 810: Seminar in Curriculum Development & Implementation

ED 820: Advanced Educational Statistics
ED 822: Seminar in Analysis and Issues in Race and Ethnic Relations
ED 823: Seminar in Action Oriented Policy Research in Multicultural Contexts
ED 824: Seminar in Instructional Change in Multicultural Contexts
ED 850: Seminar in Quantitative Methods of Inquiry

ED 895: Variable Topics Seminar

Offered at CGU:

ED 407: Public Policy and America’s Schools
ED 426: Social Capital, Cultural Capital, & Educational Opportunity
ED 430: Cognitive Development and Education
ED 432: Child Development
ED 459: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of America’s
Higher Education
ED 462: Governance & Change in Higher Education
ED 467: Quant 3: Applied Multivariate Analysis
ED 581: Education of Immigrant Youth: Psychological Perspectives
ED 584: Cultural Models of Education: International Perspectives

Graduate Bulletin

For the complete list of all courses offered, consult the Graduate Bulletin for  San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University.