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San Diego State University

SDSU College of Education

Dean's Statement

Welcome to the 2016-17 academic year! The prior year was filled with the accomplishments of our students, alumni, staff, and faculty.  It is not surprising that U.S. News and World Reports ranked the SDSU College of Education as the best college of education in San Diego County, the best in the California State University System, #8 in California, #51 among public universities nationwide, and #69 among all U.S. colleges and universities. Our students are talented, committed individuals who passionately seek to make a difference in the lives of those they will serve.  Employers are eagerly hiring and promoting our graduates to serve as teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and administrators. Our faculty members include dedicated scholars and teachers who acquired over $20 million in contracts and grants that enable us to provide valuable services and cutting-edge research that influences the quality of life for thousands of individuals locally and around the globe; and our top-notch staff members keep our systems running efficiently and effectively.

As we look forward to the new academic year, it is important to acknowledge the huge responsibility that accompanies our accomplishments. Preschool centers, schools, community colleges, and other public agencies are depending upon us to produce excellent teachers, counselors, therapists, and administrators who can make a positive difference for their richly diverse communities. We are well positioned to serve as a national model, producing professionals who know how to create environments that make diverse populations of students, clients, and families feel valued, capable, and respected. We must continue striving to be a national model, producing graduates who lead by modeling an ethic of care, while demonstrating the ability to elevate the quality of their own efforts and the efforts of colleagues through meaningful collaboration, focused on evidence of effectiveness.

I am very proud to be part of our College of Education. I take pride in our accomplishments and I take pride in our efforts to continue growing and improving. We keep striving to become the best place in the nation to learn how to positively influence the lives of diverse populations of children and adults through careers in teaching, counseling, therapy, school psychology, and educational leadership. I am inspired by the commitment of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. It is an honor to work with you as we begin a new academic year.


The College of Education produces effective professionals, new knowledge through research and inquiry, and partnerships with the field of practice that make a difference in the lives of the people served.


The College of Education prepares effective professionals for a variety of societal service delivery and leadership roles across a range of settings including schools, post secondary institutions, social service agencies, and vocational rehabilitation organizations. The College contributes to the knowledge base in both educational theory and practice through professional inquiry and scholarship. The College engages in strategic partnerships with the field of practice to improve client outcomes, to increase institutional effectiveness, and to promote social justice.

This vision and mission rest upon eight central tenets we believe are essential to the College of Education’s relevance in the 21st century:

Access to a Quality Education

A belief that access to a quality public education for all individuals is an essential and necessary condition of a democratic society and is critical in promoting social and economic justice for individuals, families, communities, and our nation;

Uniqueness of Individuals

A fundamental respect for the uniqueness of all individuals and confidence in their ability to learn and grow, whether they are the professionals we prepare or the clients they serve;

Excellence in Teaching

A belief in the central role that excellence in teaching plays in the mission of the college—an excellence reflected in the quality of our graduates that is measured against the highest professional standards;


A belief that diversity—including its multicultural and multilingual character—provides a rich venue for scholarship and reflective practice from which findings of state and national, if not international importance can be developed;


The belief that thoughtful scholarship is an efficient method for identifying effective practice which can be implemented to improve the quality of life in our community;


The belief in the capacity of technology as a tool to improve the quality of the learning environments we provide as well as increasing the universal access our students have to it;

Strategic Partnerships

A belief that the field of practice can be improved through the development and application of knowledge and use of strategic partnerships to facilitate positive change;

Community of Learners

The belief that the College is a community of learners encompassing not only the students we serve and their clients but also our faculty, staff, and administrators.

College of Education Norms

I take 100% responsibility.
I neither make excuses nor cast blame.

I seek equity of voice.
I participate, I support, I listen and I perform and contribute in a manner that encourages others to do the same.

I am willing to talk about sensitive issues.
I encourage dialogue and am prepared to discuss sensitive issues.

I listen for understanding.
I neither interrupt nor participate in secondary conversations.  I will go directly to the source for information and problem resolution.

I appreciate the strengths and contributions of others.
I need, I want and I value the strengths and contributions of others.

I bring positive energy and encouragement to the team.
I contribute positively; I have high expectations of others and I contribute synergy to the team.

I commit to the mission of the College.
I support and implement the mission; I actively encourage others to do the same.

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Dr. Joseph F. Johnson, Jr.


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