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San Diego State University

SDSU College of Education

Dean's Update - Volume 6, Number 3 - June 2013

Farewell from Dean Ric Hovda

Dean Hovda

SDSU College of Education Faculty, Staff, Students, Partners, and Stakeholders,

It has been my honor to serve as Dean of the College of Education over the past six years. The College has a proud history and continues to be a leader locally and beyond. Recently the US News and World Report rankings placed the College within the top 100 nationally (65th), and among the top 50 public institutions nationally. SDSU’s College of Education was the only CSU ranked in those categories. In addition, the rehabilitation counseling program continues to be ranked in the top 10 nationally.

While rankings are important, more critical is the role the College plays in the “lives of the people it serves”. The College plays a critical role in numerous school districts in developing innovative practices, the use of mobile technology for teaching and learning, community-based counseling, highly effective school counselors and educational psychologists, preparing the next generation of k-12 school leadership and community college leadership, the study of autism spectrum disorders and the use of best practices with individuals and families, the preparation of early childhood educators and community leaders in early childhood mental health, bi-literacy and dual language teacher preparation, preparing math, science, and reading teachers, leadership development internationally in the Pacific Islands, addressing the “achievement gap” by studying schools that outperform expectations, and much more. These programs and initiatives directly impact thousands of people each year. In addition, the research done by our faculty and students is impressive in the number of publications in refereed publications as well as several national research awards for faculty members. Further, through the efforts of talented staff members, our capacity to collect, share, and use data for a variety of important functions increases our efficiency and effectiveness.

While the past several years have presented unprecedented fiscal challenges and changes in the demand for programs, the College has maintained a very high level of productivity and level of impact due to the diligence and commitment of faculty, staff, and students. For this, the College should be commended.

I appreciate the work we have done together to make a difference in our college, community, state, and beyond. The College will continue to prosper and increasingly extend the depth and span of its impact as economic conditions improve and new opportunities and new leadership emerge. I wish the College, and Dr. Joe Johnson, the new interim dean, the best in the coming year and beyond as the College of Education continues its mission “to make a difference in the lives of those it serves”.

Ric Hovda

Dr. Joe Johnson to Assume Role as Interim Dean of the College of Education

Joe Johnson

Dr. Joe Johnson has a distinguished record of leadership roles within school districts, state education agencies and the U.S. Department of Education.

Joe joined the College of Education in 2005 as a professor of educational leadership and executive director of the National Center for Urban School Transformation and he leads efforts to identify, study and promote the best practice of high-performing urban schools and districts. As a member of the Education Leadership faculty, he helps develop and teach programs designed to prepare effective school and district leaders.

He will begin serving as interim Dean on July 1, immediately following Dean Hovda’s retirement, and will continue until the arrival of a permanent dean.

Read the story at SDSU NewsCenter.

COE Outstanding Graduate Awards

Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education

Hayley Ryan

Hayley Ryan was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education. Hayley graduated with her master’s in Postsecondary Educational Leadership, Student Affairs.

Hayley’s academic dedication and commitment to social justice are just two of the reasons why the ARPE faculty has chosen her for this honor. The faculty expect to see great things from Hayley in the future. Congratulations, Hayley!

Hayley named Dr. Frank Harris, III as her most influential faculty member.

Child & Family Development (Graduate)

Ashley Day

Ashley Day was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Child and Family Development. Ashley was chosen for this award because she has an incredible ability to make connections with children and a true joy in interacting with them. Ashley’s insight, eagerness to learn, and willingness to listen to her data has made her graduate work exemplary. Based on the outstanding work Ashley has done at SDSU, her faculty know she will continue to make important future contributions in the field. Many congratulations, Ashley!

Ashley named Dr. Sarah Garrity as her most influential faculty member.

Child & Family Development (Undergraduate)

Jennifer Rangel

Jennifer Rangel was named as the 2013 Outstanding Undergraduate in the department of Child and Family Development. Jennifer’s faculty honored her with this award not only because of her high grades on assignments and exams, but also because of her exceptional ability to apply the material she learns in an analytical manner. Jennifer is kind, bright, humble, and above all, enthusiastic about learning.

With her star qualities it is no wonder that her faculty and department have chosen Jennifer as their Outstanding Undergraduate of 2013. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Jennifer named Professor Nory Behana as her most influential faculty member.

Counseling & School Psychology

Derek Moehlenbruck

Derek Moehlenbruck was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Counseling and School Psychology. Derek graduated with his Education Specialist degree and Pupil Personnel Services credential in School Psychology.

Derek’s faculty members describe him as a bright, competent, and resourceful individual who thinks outside of the box. He has a positive, “can-do” attitude and has excellent collaboration skills. Derek has done some great work during his time in the Ed.S. program and will, no doubt, continue this great work as a full-time professional. Congratulations, Derek!

Derek named Dr. Colette Ingraham as his most influential faculty member.

Educational Leadership

William Mellman

William Mellman was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Educational Leadership. William’s faculty chose him for this honor because he epitomizes an exemplary leader. As a leader, William’s motivation stems from a deep respect and appreciation for the students and families he serves.

William’s faculty consistently saw his hard work throughout the program and they are not surprised that he has already been hired as a school administrator. Way to go, William! Many congratulations on this honor.

William named Dr. Cheryl James-Ward as his most influential faculty member.

Educational Technology

Scott McAvoy

Scott McAvoy was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Educational Technology. During his master’s program, Scott developed an e-learning tool for the San Diego Zoo that is still currently being used to train new staff members. It is through projects like this that Scott has shown his ability to be an innovative problem-solver, using technology to make the impossible possible. Scott’s faculty members know that he will continue to make outstanding contributions in the field with his talented ability to effectively integrate technology into education. Congratulations, Scott!

Scott named Dr. Jim Marshall as his most influential faculty member.

Policy Studies in Language & Cross-Cultural Education

Mark Rosillo

Mark Rosillo was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Policy Studies in Language & Cross-Cultural Education. Mark, a current dual language elementary classroom teacher, was chosen by his faculty for this honor because he is a shining example of a teacher, advocate, scholar, and leader.

Mark is a scholar and practitioner who demonstrates a deep commitment to improving the educational and social inequities present within his community and region. He admirably works to meet his goals with a calm spirit and the power of action. Many congratulations to Mark on this award!

Mark Rosillo named Dr. Cristina Alfaro as his most influential faculty member.

Special Education

Adam Latham

Adam Latham was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the department of Special Education. Adam’s faculty members have recognized him with this honor based on his complete dedication and commitment to maximizing the performance and learning of students with disabilities. Adam’s passion is driven by his students and his research efforts are always focused on finding new ways to empower and maximize the success of his kids. Many congratulations, Adam!

Adam named Dr. John Johnson as his most influential faculty member.

School of Teacher Education

Phoebe Sloane

Phoebe Sloane was named as the 2013 Outstanding Graduate in the School of Teacher Education. Phoebe is a recent graduate of the Master’s in Reading Education and the Reading Specialist Credential. Phoebe’s faculty has chosen her for this honor because of her consistently outstanding scholarship and her incredible expertise in the area of reading and literacy instruction.

Phoebe easily collaborates with colleagues and always acts with the highest level of professionalism. Phoebe’s faculty looks forward to her continued contribution and dedication to the field. Congratulations, Phoebe!

Phoebe named Dr. Sharan Gibson as her most influential faculty member.