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San Diego State University

SDSU College of Education

Welcome from Dean Johnson

Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. Photo

Welcome to the 2016-17 academic year! The prior year was filled with the accomplishments of our students, alumni, staff, and faculty. It is not surprising that U.S. News and World Reports ranked the SDSU College of Education as the best college of education in San Diego County, the best in the California State University System, #8 in California, #51 among public universities nationwide, and #69 among all U.S. colleges and universities. Our students are talented, committed individuals who passionately seek to make a difference in the lives of those they will serve. Employers are eagerly hiring and promoting our graduates to serve as teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and administrators. Our faculty members include dedicated scholars and teachers who acquired over $20 million in contracts and grants that enable us to provide valuable services and cutting-edge research that influences the quality of life for thousands of individuals locally and around the globe; and our top-notch staff members keep our systems running efficiently and effectively.

As we look forward to the new academic year, it is important to acknowledge the huge responsibility that accompanies our accomplishments. Preschool centers, schools, community colleges, and other public agencies are depending upon us to produce excellent teachers, counselors, therapists, and administrators who can make a positive difference for their richly diverse communities. We are well positioned to serve as a national model, producing professionals who know how to create environments that make diverse populations of students, clients, and families feel valued, capable, and respected. We must continue striving to be a national model, producing graduates who lead by modeling an ethic of care, while demonstrating the ability to elevate the quality of their own efforts and the efforts of colleagues through meaningful collaboration, focused on evidence of effectiveness.

I am very proud to be part of our College of Education. I take pride in our accomplishments and I take pride in our efforts to continue growing and improving. We keep striving to become the best place in the nation to learn how to positively influence the lives of diverse populations of children and adults through careers in teaching, counseling, therapy, school psychology, and educational leadership. I am inspired by the commitment of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. It is an honor to work with you as we begin a new academic year.


Dr. Joseph F. Johnson

Dr. Joseph F. Johnson, Jr.


Dr. Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. has a distinguished record of leadership roles within school districts, state education agencies and the U.S. Department of Education.

Joe joined the College of Education in 2005 as a professor of educational leadership and executive director of the National Center for Urban School Transformation and he leads efforts to identify, study and promote the best practice of high-performing urban schools and districts. As a member of the Education Leadership faculty, he helps develop and teach programs designed to prepare effective school and district leaders.

Marilyn Bredvold

Marilyn Bredvold

Assistant to the Dean

Phone: 619-594-1424

Marilyn Bredvold has been supporting San Diego State University’s academic programs and funded projects for over two decades. She has been a staff member in the SDSU Research Foundation, providing grant development and research administration services for campus-wide and individual college projects. In the College of Education, Marilyn became Assistant to the Dean in 2006. Marilyn is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Nadine Bezuk

Dr. Nadine S. Bezuk

Associate Dean 


Nadine Bezuk is the Associate Dean in the College of Education. Previously, she served as Director of the School of Teacher Education. As a faculty member in Teacher Education and as a member of SDSU’s Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE), she created the SDSU Professional Development Collaborative and developed mathematics specialist certificate programs for elementary and middle-school teachers.  Nadine is a nationally recognized mathematics teacher educator who currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and leads the work of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in developing national standards for preparing K-12 mathematics teachers.


Maribel Flores

Assistant to the Associate Dean

Phone: 619-594-1425

Maribel Flores has been with San Diego State University since 2009.  She has worked with several programs in Student Affairs, SDSU Research Foundation and the College of Education. Maribel joined the Dean's Office in 2015.

Patricia Lozada-Santone

Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Phone: 619-594-1426

Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone has focused her research efforts on the application of social learning theory to issues in education and health care, health promotion and disease prevention. She has over 30 years of working experience in the field of Public Health and Education; she has received numerous awards, locally, nationally and internationally, for her contributions to minority health and education programs and outstanding service to public health and education. She serves on many State and National Boards and does consultant work for State and Federal Agencies such as the United States Information Agency Bureau, CDC, NCI, & NIH and Latin American Countries. Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone was named Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Education at SDSU in December 2001. Her areas of expertise include teacher education, urban education, public health education and leadership. During her twenty years at SDSU, Dean Lozada-Santone has developed collaborations with local schools, school districts and community agencies. As the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Lozada-Santone’s primary responsibilities are to “help students deal with issues that interfere with their academic progress.” She listens to students to assess what is hindering them from succeeding academically and them helps them find the assistance and resources they need to resolve issues. Dr. Lozada-Santone has had a long-standing commitment to the development of diverse underrepresented students. She has long been involved with programs that promote academic excellence among students who come from underrepresented and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Dr. Lozada-Santone is also the Director of the College of Education’s Global/Cultural Experience Program. In this position Dr. Lozada-Santone oversees the creation of a range of international experiences that reflect the fundamental educational goals and objectives of the college. The experiences will facilitate students’ development of the knowledge, skills and level of cultural awareness that will prepare them for global citizenship in the twenty-first century.

Tanis Starck

Dr. Tanis Starck

Assistant Dean for Special Projects

Phone: 619-594-0546

Alyssa Ancheta

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 619-594-6091

Alyssa Ancheta has been with the College of Education since 2004. She joined the Dean’s Office in 2013 as an administrative coordinator. Alyssa is an SDSU alumnus.

Finance & Operations Support

Julie White

Manager, Budget & Analysis

Phone: 619-594-1457

Julie White is an SDSU Alumnus. She has been working on campus since 1993 in several positions: as a program office manager, a SDSURF Sponsored Research administrator, the assistant to the College of Education Associate Deans and, currently, as the College of Education Manager of Budget and Analysis.

Elsa Tapia

Operations Analyst

Phone: 619-594-8996

Elsa Tapia has been with San Diego State University since 1998 where she has served in the capacity of administrative coordinator for Learning Design and Technology (formerly Educational Technology) and in her current job as the College of Education’s operations analyst. She holds a B.S in Criminal Justice Administration and an M.A. in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. For fun, she likes to take her dog Misty to the dog park and run half marathons.

Office of Student Services (OSS) Staff

Lisa McCully Headshot 2016

Lisa McCully

Manager, OSS

Phone: 619-594-6320

Lisa McCully started at San Diego State University in 1988 and has been with the College of Education since 1998 where she has served in the capacity as Budget Assistant, Budget Manager, Operations & Support Services Manager, and currently, as the Manager of the Office of Student Services. She is responsible for the College’s recruiting, marketing, advising, admissions, communications, credentialing, and commencement efforts. Her previous positions have provided her with extensive experience in budget planning and administration, facilities planning, and employee training and development.

She holds a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, a Master’s in Education with a specialization in Postsecondary Educational Leadership-Student Affairs, and an Ed.D. in Postsecondary Educational Leadership from San Diego State University.

In her free time she spends way too much time watching TV crime dramas! She also enjoys time with friends and family and her favorite vacation activities include spending time at her family’s cabin in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, long road trips, and spending time in Hawaii.

Jackie Fuller Headshot 2016

Jackie Fuller

Advising & Recruitment Specialist, OSS


Jackie Fuller has worked in the College of Education since 2011 as the Advising and Recruitment Specialist in the Office of Student Services. A large portion of Jackie’s job duties includes representing all of the College's many impressive degree, credential and certificate programs at a variety of fairs and recruiting events. If you see her at an event, stop by and say hello! She also assists with creating promotional documents for these programs and coordinating the annual commencement ceremony as well as helping to produce the College's e-newsletter, InformED & InspirED.

Jackie's passion for working with college students developed during her time as an undergraduate student at Santa Clara University where she was a Resident Advisor. Her time advising in the residence halls truly helped shape her career path and after graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Anthropology, she entered the Master's in Education with a specialization in Postsecondary Educational Leadership, Student Affairs program at San Diego State University. Jackie finished her M.A. in 2007 and worked in Housing & Residence Life at New Mexico State University before returning to SDSU in 2009 as a Residence Hall Coordinator. Jackie's many years in university Res Life departments makes her quick on her feet and always up for a challenge!

In her free time, Jackie enjoys spending time with her family, baking cupcakes and online shopping.

 Vicki Fielden Headshot 2016

Vicki Fielden

Liberal Studies Advisor, OSS


Vickie's AZTEC for LIFE career began as a student in 1983!  She earned a B.S. in Business Admin (Marketing) and an M.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She began her career working in many areas at SDSU including Registrar's Office, Evaluations (admissions and evaluations), and eventually became an academic adviser for the Liberal Studies program.  She works hard to promoting student success and helping them graduate in a timely manner. For fun, Vicki loves the SD craft beer scene, hiking in the local mountains and national parks, going to the gym, and reading.  On occasion, she has been secretly known to binge watch a few TV shows.

Melanie Falkenberg Headshot 2016

Melanie Falkenberg

Credential Programs Admissions Coordinator, OSS


Melanie has been working at San Diego State University since 2005. She currently processes admissions for preliminary credential programs in Teacher Education, Bilingual Education, and Special Education along with several master’s programs within these departments. She enjoys working with students and helping them get closer to reaching their goals.

Edgar Beas Headshot 2016

Edgar Beas

Credential Programs Admissions Coordinator, OSS


Edgar Beas started working at San Diego State in 2014 with the department of Graduate and Research Affairs. Currently he processes admissions for various credential and graduate programs in the Office of Student Services for the College of Education.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and is currently a candidate for the Master’s in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a concentration in Student Affairs at San Diego State University. His passion and inspiration for working with students came from the excellent professionals in the field that helped him navigate the higher education system as a first generation Latino student.

During his free time Edgar enjoys watching TV shows and movies, photography, exploring cool food establishments, and adventuring into the culturally diverse and always sunny city of San Diego.

Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen

Credential Analyst, OSS

For students who have last names that begin with A - K


Ann (Nhung) Nguyen currently serves as a Credential Analyst in the College of Education’s Office of Student Services. She joined the college in 2008, having previously worked at National University as a Technical Support Specialist and Transcript Coordinator. Ann works with credential candidates to ensure they have satisfied all requirements necessary to earn a California teaching/services credential. She also serves as a prospective student advisor. Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from National University.

Sylvia Hernandez Headshot 2016

Sylvia Hernandez

Credential Analyst, OSS

For students who have last names that begin with L - Z


Sylvia Hernandez first joined the College of Education at SDSU in 1992. After a brief move to CSU San Marcos in 2005, she returned to SDSU to serve as one of two credential analysts in the Office of Student Services.

Sylvia developed an interest in student services shortly after graduation from UCSB when she went to work for their admissions office specializing in admissions for incoming freshman. Sylvia ultimately moved to an academic advising position where she was assigned to work with several undergraduate programs including the liberal studies program for teacher education. This experience sparked a lifelong interest in the credentialing process and credential program advising.

Sylvia enjoys travel, reading, learning to knit and spending time with friends and family. She especially enjoys going to animated movies with her 7 year old nephew Preston.


Christie Pearson-Wohlwend

Admissions & Credential Analyst, OSS

SB-2042 Clear and Induction Programs



Technology Support


Creative Media Lounge (CML)

Phone: 619-594-6134

Help Desk Coach

Technology Help Desk

Phone: 619-594-7414

Greg Koyamatsu

Gregg Koyamatsu

Operations Systems Analyst

Phone: 619-594-0751

After receiving his Master's degree in Educational Technology, Gregg began working for San Diego State University. As an operating systems analyst for the College of Education, his primary responsibilities include assisting faculty and students in the College of Education Technology Labs, serving as server administrator for the web, database, domain, and file servers, and researching and upgrading technology facilities.

Andrea Saltzman

Andrea Saltzman

Instructional Designer

Phone: 619-594-0943

Andrea Saltzman Martin joined the College of Education in 2007 as an instructional designer. Andrea earned a Master of Arts degree in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from SDSU. Andrea supports College of Education faculty with course design and development with an emphasis on hybrid and online course delivery. She also works with faculty across campus through the Course Design Institute run by Instructional Technology Services.

Ed Dial

Edward Dial

Information Technology Consultant

Phone: 619-259-4026

Ed has been with the university since 2004. He is an SDSU alumnus and holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego.

Manny Uribe

Manny Uribe

Web Designer & Multimedia Consultant

Phone: 619-594-6138

Before joining the Dean's Office team in 2013, Manny served as the Web Developer for the SDSU Division of Undergraduate Studies and the Pre-College Institute. Manny has presented on topics related to web usability, accessibility, and other best practices at national conferences including the annual Council for Opportunity in Education Conference in Washington D.C.

Manny is an SDSU alumnus and recently completed a Professional Certificate in Digital Media at SDSU.

Assessment & Accreditation

Nina Potter

Nina Salcedo Potter

Director of Assessment

Phone: 619-594-3303

Dr. Nina Salcedo Potter joined the College of Education in 2008 as the Director of Assessment. Her background is in educational measurement, statistics and research design. Her research interests include formative program evaluation and outcomes-based assessment. She works with faculty and administrators to use assessment data to help make decisions at the student, class, program, and college level. Before coming to SDSU, Dr. Potter was the Director of Assessment for a school district in Washington and state and taught early childhood special education.

Data Management

Sandra Kahn

Sandra Kahn

Manager, Data Systems & Reporting

Phone: 619-594-3171

Sandra Kahn is the Data Administrator for the College of Education, where she supports administrative decision-making, assessment and accreditation. Sandra has a Master of Arts degree in Education with a Concentration in Educational Leadership and a Specialization in Postsecondary Education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.


Megan Beardsley

Megan Beardsley

Assistant Director of Development

Phone: 619-594-2277

As a San Diego native, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences in Business Administration (Management) from San Diego State University. Her inspiration for education came from her husband, father and father-in-law – all SDSU alumni. With over five years of experience in development, Megan discovered her passion for philanthropy while working at Employment & Community Options right here in San Diego. She recently worked at the Burn Institute where she and her husband also volunteer their time to provide support for burn injured children and adults.