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On-Campus Resources

We are continuing to seek ways to enhance our services to students and will continue to keep you informed of new developments.

The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce that students no longer have to pay $4 for a copy of their unofficial SDSU transcripts. They can now find them on the web. Please advise interested students to visit and click on "Unofficial Transcripts" to view and/or print their unofficial SDSU transcripts. At this web site, students can also change their address, register for classes, pay fees, and much more. "Unofficial" transcripts report the same course and grade information as the official transcripts. However, they are not considered official because they do not have the official university seal imprinted on them and they are not suitable for transfer purposes. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for student reference. Official transcripts cost $4 and are usually transmitted directly between institutions when a student is transferring to another college. Students can visit for information about ordering official transcripts.
Official Academic Calendar
An Official Academic Calendar is provided in the SDSU Graduate Bulletin. A copy is provided here for your convenience. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or download this file. To download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.
Career Services
Career Services provides a full range of job preparation workshops, part-time and full time job listings and recruitment job fairs.
Child Care
Child Care (6 months-5 years) If you're a student with young children the Campus Children's Center can provide your children with excellent care and learning programs.
Department Class Schedule
Department Class Schedule: For the most current list of departmental classes, please see the Director of your Program. Copies of the department's schedule can also be found in the departmental office. For classes in other departments go to the University's main Class Schedule. From there, click on the semester graphic you're interested in. Then do a search by "department."
STA Travel
STA Travel provides a wide variety of services including the Intersnational Student ID Card, dicsounts on airfare, Voice and Fax messaging.
Counseling Psychological Services
Counseling Psychological Services offers individual and group counseling, and a personal growth Resource Library.
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is an undergraduate program that helps low income and educationally disadvantaged students throughout their entire San Diego State University experience.
Student Disability Services
Student Disability Services provides a full range of support services to students with disabilities, in order to provide equal access to the educational process.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid - there are several on-campus sources of financial aid. Please see the financial assistance section of this site for detailed information.
Health Services
Health Services provices a range of health care for enrolled students. SDSU Associated Students offer health insurance to cover medical needs beyond the basic services provided by Student Health Services.Hearing Evaluation is located at the Audiology Diagnostic Clinic.
International Student Center
International Student Center provides services which meet the diverse needs of our international communities and offer programs which foster global perspectives, intercultural awareness and international goodwill.
Parking and Transportation
State law requires a parking permit to park on campus. Information on public buses and alternative transportation options are also available.
Test Office
The Test Office administers tests for the various purpose including competency for graduation, licenses, credentials, and career planning.
Thesis Template
A Thesis template for student electing to write a thesis is available on-line. It must, however, be used in conjunction with the 2000 Edition of the SDSU Master's Thesis and Project Manual Manual University Library (Malcolm A. Love Library)

Technology Resources

As the country becomes progressively more electronically up-to-date, it is of utmost importance for educators and support personnel to come up to speed on the technology and resources available. This section describes the electronic resources available to you on campus and from your SDSU electronic mail (e-mail) account. Familiarize yourself with these resources and browse around the electronic superhighway. One trip leads to another, and you will be astounded at the information literally at your fingertips. This is not a suggestion, it is a requirement to becoming a literate, effective professional.


Campus Computer Store
The Computer Store offers some very competitive prices on computers. They also can consult with you to make sure that you find a computer that is best suited to your needs. There is a program developed by Apple computers for student loans for the purchase of Apple computer equipment (the bookstore has copies available). The Computer Store is located in the Aztec Bookstore and can be reached at 594-7522.
Computer Laboratory Facilities
San Diego State offers several computer labs for your use. They all have computers, scanners, printers, plenty of programs, documentation, and people to help you with any questions. The hours change each semester; you can pick up a current listing of computer lab hours from BA-134. The following are labs available free of charge for SDSU students:
  • Business Administration 110 BA113 - X-Terminals
  • Professional Studies and Fine Arts 126 - IBM PC's
  • Student Services 2659 - IBM PC's, Macs
  • Physical Education 151 - IBM PCs, Macs
  • North Education 276 - Macs, Scanners, Video Systems and Laser Disks
  • The following businesses also have equipment for rent in their establishments:
    • Kinko's (various locations throughout San Diego) - Macs, Scanner, IBM PCs
Computer Workshops
Workshops on computer related interests are available free of charge from several locations. The BATS (Baseline Access, Training and Support) Program offers free hands-on computer training covering MS Office programs, Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, web page creation, Windows and Mac operating systems. Click on the link above or call the numbers below to get the latest listing of offerings: · Bruce Harley (594-5014) at the Love Library (specifically related to library searches) · Social Science Research Lab (594-5845) in the Professional Studies and Fine Arts building, or Instructional Technology Services (594-5727)
Using your MAC with PC Programs
The School Psychology Program has purchased the programs Soft PC and Soft Windows, which are designed to emulate IBM functioning so that you can use IBM programs on your Mac. Inquire in the Program office for more information and for check-out.
Computer Scoring Programs
Computerized scoring and analysis programs for several standardized tests are available in the CSP.
  • Assessment Resource Center
  • Behavioral Assessment System for Children
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - III
  • Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Ability and Achievement Revised
  • Bateria Woodcock Psico-Educativa En Español
  • Primary Sources Inventory
  • Kaufman Tests of Educational Achievement
Electronic Mail
E-Mail is an essential lifeline to the program. If you don't yet have a computer, you can access your e-mail from the computers in the Media Technology Lab in NE 276, or from the program office if the GA computer is not busy.
Through e-mail you can receive almost instantaneous answers to questions, solutions to problems, and forge a closer bond with your fellow students and school psychology faculty and staff. You will receive notices of class assignments, schedule changes, and many other important pieces of information. In addition, your account gives you access (from campus) to the Internet, an incredibly rich resource (see Section VII-C). In order to access the Internet from home, you will need to subscribe to an independent Internet Provider, such as AzNET.
Remote Library Searches
You can conduct searches of the library from the comfort of your home. To do so, using a web browser go to the SDSU Library homepage where you'll see a menu that will guide you in your search. The library also has a service called SD Circuit. This is a cooperative catalog and interlibrary lending services between the libraries of SDSU, UCSD, CSU San Marcos, USD and the USD Law School. Students, faculty and staff can place an online request for a book held at any of the above libraries. All requests placed before 10:00 am on a weekday are filled and available for pickup by 3:00 p.m. on the same day at the Circulation Desk. Go to the library's online catalog, the PAC, choose either the "Search the SDCircuit/CSUlink" or "Search the CIRCUIT" option from the main menu.
SDSU Schedules
The most current list of departmental classes, please see the Director of your Program. Copies of the department's schedule can also be found in the departmental office. For classes in other departments go to the University's main Class Schedule. From there, click on the semester graphic you're interested in. Then do a search by "department."
Technology Coaches
If you run into any computer related problems or have any major questions, the Media Technology Lab staff can help. In addition, the College of Education employs some technology coaches who can help you out (594-7414 or Visit the technology helpdesk at
Computers,although helpful, can harm you if you use them too long. Take breaks from your work and try to purchase an ergonomic keyboard or you could develop an uncomfortable syndrome called carpal-tunnel. Check the list of Urls for some resources on ergonomics.
Note: This compilation of the technological resources refers to lists of WWW pages and handouts that have been developed by the Telecommunications and Network Services department and are available on-line.