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Programs of Study

The Department of Counseling and School Psychology (CSP) provides Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Educational Specialist degree programs in professions which assist children, adults, families and other relationships with social and emotional growth and change in schools and communities. The four distinct programs which share this purpose are:

The Community-Based Block (CBB) Program, M.A. in Education with Concentration in Counseling
The Community-Based Block (CBB) Program prepares students as beginning counselors and multicultural specialists to work with individuals in community agencies, universities, and other social service organizations or continue on to doctoral programs. CBB also serves a base educational experience those students going on to School Counseling, School Psychology, or Marriage, Family and Child Counseling programs in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology.
Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Program, M.S. in Counseling with Specialization in MFT
Marriage and Family Therapy The MFT program requires completion of a 60-unit official program plus 2-9 units to fulfill all requirements for licensure. It takes no less than three years to complete. The coursework includes theory, personal growth, practice, and research experience. Philosophically, the program takes as its basic assumption that all behavior is best understood by examining the social contexts and relational patterns within which it occurs. Those contexts include families and other intimate relationships as well as other social institutions, such as schools and neighborhoods, and the cultural interface. Our program has a special interest in and opportunities to work with family-school relationships and a commitment to developing competence with and serving our multicultural community.
The School Counseling (SC) Program, M.S. in Counseling with Specializarion in School Counseling
The School Counseling (SC) Program prepares students with advanced professional skills to meet state Pupil Personnel Services credential qualifications for a specialization in School Counseling. Our gradaute students are trained to become leaders, advocates and systems change agents in our diverse schools. As an integral part of the total educational program for student success, they learn to design, develop, implement and evaluate their comprehensive school counseling program to ensure that every student receives developmentally appropriate competencies in academic, career and personal/social development. As professional student advocates they promote equity and access to a rigorous education for every student and work to prevent and remove barriers to learning. Our School Counseling graduates develop themselves as culturally competent leaders in educational reform and social justice in the schools and communities they serve.
The School Psychology (SP) Program, Ed.S. in School Psychology
The School Psychology (SP) Program prepares students with advanced professional skills to meet state Pupil Personnel Services credential qualifications for a specialization in School Psychology. The Program is accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists. The program prepares "cultural specialists" in assessment, consultation and intervention with children's educational and psychological identification problems through ecological and systemic perspectives of problem development and change.
Certificate in Cultural and Community Trauma Studies
Certificate in Cultural and Community Trauma Studies The Certificate in Cultural and Community Trauma is a training program in which faculty and students construct a learning community commited to enhancing the well-being of individuals, families and communities who have been affected by traumatic events. Our work is rooted in our core values of building community, mutual respect critical thinking, collaboration and social justice. The Certificate of Cultural and Community Trauma has been developed as a joint partnership between the Department of Counseling and School Psychology(College of education) and the college of extended studies.
Undergraduate Minor in Counseling and Social Challenge
The minor in Counseling and Social Change builds on CSP’s commitment to facilitating individual, group and systems change in diverse social contexts. The minor introduces students to skills and concepts used to understand and create such change, and to professional career paths such as school and community counseling, clinical psychology, social work, family therapy, and school psychology. It provides immersion in theory and experience-based practice.