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Minor in Counseling & Social Change

CSC Students in Classroom

This new minor, offered through the Department of Counseling and School Psychology (CSP), builds on CSP’s commitment to facilitating individual, group and systems change in diverse social contexts. The minor introduces students to skills and concepts used to understand and create such change, and to professional career paths such as school and community counseling, clinical psychology, social work, family therapy, and school psychology. It provides immersion in theory and experience-based practice.

Key Features of the Minor
What Will I Learn?
What Does the Counseling and Social Change Minor Require?
How to Sign Up:


Sequence of Courses

Completed in EITHER the Freshman or Sophmore Year
CSP 400:
Counseling and the Helping Professions
CSP 401:
Quest for Identity
CSP 320:
Intro to Counseling Skills and Practices
CSP 460:
Counseling and Social Change
Selected in the Fall or Spring in EITHER the Junior or Senior Year


Contact Information

Sarah Kahn, Ph.D. LMFT

Director and Advisor

Office Location: North Education Building, Rm 162-B & 162-D
Phone: 619-594-5508


Walk In Advising Hours for Spring 2016:


Mitzy R 160

Mondays 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

Mitzy Ruelas

(Peer Advisor) NE 162-D 

Dr Sarah Kahn 160

 Mondays 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM 

Dr. Kahn

(Director) NE 162-B 

Stephanie V 160

Tuesdays 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

Stephanie Vuelvas

(Peer Advisor) NE 162-D

Brittney C 160

 Wednesdays 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

Brittney Clark

(Peer Advisor) NE 162-D

Brianna C 160

Thursdays 9:00AM to Noon 

Brianna Codallos

(Peer Advisor) NE 162-D 


Updates and Announcements

Watch this short YouTube video and learn more about our class Popular Culture and Counseling!


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Specific Requirements for the CSC Minor

Lower Division Elective: Course (3 units)

CFD 135, 270, 272; PSY 101;
SOC 101, 150; SWORK 110, 120;
WMNST 101, 102

CORE: 4 Courses (12 units)

CSP 400 Counseling & the Helping Professions (3)
CSP 401 Quest for Identity (3)
CSP 320 Introduction to Counseling Skills & Practices (3)
CSP 460 Counseling & Social Change (3)

Upper Division Electives: 1 Course (3 units)*

AFRAS 320, 331; ASIAN 459, 460; ED 451;
CFD 335, 536, 537, 560, 578;
CSP 300, 310*, 420; PSY 344, 345;
SOC 352, 436, 450; SWORK 370;
WMNST 310, 360, 536, 572, 565


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