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How does the application proceed?

CBB admission is conducted every other year in a two-stage process: review of the written application materials followed by invited group interviews.  The next admissions cycle begins in December of 2015 for admission in the Fall of 2016.

Each application is read and rated independently by at least two members of the admissions committee. All applications to CBB are held for review until the December 2015 deadline. After the applications have been reviewed and rated, qualified applicants are invited for group interviews.

Following the interviews, the admissions committee presents its recommendations to the department faculty who forward their recommendation to Graduate Admissions. This entire process takes approximately 16 weeks.

Where do I apply? When is the application due?

There are two applications required: the SDSU Graduate Admissions Application (via CSU Mentor) and the CBB Supplementary Program Application.  Below are links to both applications and information you will need to complete them.

1) Apply to SDSU Graduate Admissions via CSU Mentor by December 2015 deadline.

Apply to SDSU Graduate Admissions via CSU Mentor by December 2015.

Official Transcripts: Request official transcripts to be sent to the SDSU Graduate Admissions office from all schools previously attended. Transcripts should be requested AFTER the CSUMentor application is submitted.

GRE: Request your Verbal and Quantitative scores to be sent to SDSU at (be sure to take the GRE in sufficient time for scores to be available in accordance with application deadlines).

For International Students: Use the International Admission Application in CSU Mentor for specific instructions about where to apply, how to obtain transcripts, and specific tests required.

2) Submit CBB Program Application by December 2015 deadline.

Submit CBB Program Application by December 2015 deadline.

  • Personal Statement: Description of personal profile and professional goals.  Refer to application for a more detailed prompt.
  • Experience Profile: Description of effective interpersonal skills, work history, volunteer activities, relevant life experiences and undergraduate/postgraduate course work relevant to the field of counseling. Refer to application for template.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Three letters from individuals who know the applicant well in both personal and professional levels. Recommenders submit their letters directly into the online application.
  • GRE: Input your scores into application
  • G.P.A.: Input your grades into application. Undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.85 in the last 60 units taken. Post baccalaureate or graduate grade point average of at least 3.0 in all units taken.

3) In case your application is accepted interviews will be held in March of 2016.

When applying, you will be relying on other parties to complete your application (e.g. Recommenders, GRE, etc.).  Thus, we encourage you to begin your application process as soon as possible.  Both applications will be available by October 1, 2013. Applications turned in on-time will be given priority during the review process. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the graduate assistant at:

CBB's primary focus is to recruit students who are relationship focused, passionate about multicultural issues, and committed to social justice. Academic aptitude, appropriate work experience, relevant future goals and effective interpersonal skills are considered critical factors in student selections.

Fall 2016 

Step 1: CSUMentor Application—December 2015*
Step 2 and 3: File Completion
—January 2016*
*Please note, there will be no admissions process until applications are open in October of 2015.  Admission priority will be given to students who submit their application by the December 2015 due date and all materials are received by the January 2016 due date.  Applications posted after the priority deadlines will ONLY BE REVIEWED if the program does not receive a sufficient number of applications. Please check the department website for further details.