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San Diego State University

Department of Child & Family Development

Shulamit Ritblatt, Ph.D., Professor


Ph.D. Child Development and Family Relations, Florida State University

Thesis: "Theory of Mind in Preschoolers: False Beliefs, Deception, and Pretend Play" (focus on children 2-4 years old)

M.A. Clinical Child Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv, Israel

Thesis: "Grandparents - Grandchildren Relationships. A comparison between divorcee's children perception and non-divorcee's children"

B.A. Psychology and Education, Tel Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv, Israel 

Selected Publications

Ritblatt, S. N., Garrity, S., Longstreth, S., Hokoda, A., & Potter, N. (2013). Early care and education matters: A conceptual model for early childhood teacher preparation integrating the key constructs of knowledge, reflection, and practice. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 34(1), 46-62.

Ritblatt, S. N., Longstreth, S., Hokoda, A., Cannon, B.N., & Weston, J.  (2013). Can Music Enhance School Readiness Socio-Emotional Skills? Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 27 (3).

Jenkins, S., Ritblatt, S. N., & McDonald, J. (2008).  Conflict resolution among early childhood educators.  Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 25(4), 429-450.

Obegi, D. A., & Ritblatt, S. N. (2005).  Infant and toddler caregiver cultural competence: Demographic correlates and implications.  Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 19(3), 199-213.

Ritblatt, S. N., Obegi, A. D., Hammons, B. S., Ganger, T.A. & Ganger, B. C. (2003).  Parents’ and child-care professionals’ toilet training attitudes and practices: A comparative analysis.  Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 17(2), 133-146.

Ritblatt, S. N., Beatty, J. R., Cronan, T. A., & Ochoa, A. M. (2002).  Relationships among perceptions of parent involvement, time allocation, and demographic characteristics: Implication for policy formation.  Journal of Community Psychology, 30(5), 519-549.

Ritblatt, S. N., & Obegi, A. D. (2002).  Community-based service learning in action: A case study approach to course development and students’ outcomes.  Journal of Teaching Marriage and Family: Innovations in Family Science Education, 1(3), 45-64.

Ritblatt, S. N., & Brassert, S. M. (2001).  The impact of participation in Head Start programs on family environment.  In Developmental and contextual transitions of children and families: Implications for research, policy, and practice (pp. 546-547).  Head Start’s Fifth Conference: Summary of Conference Proceedings.  Administration on Children, Youth and Families; Administration for Children and Families; Department of Health and Human Services; Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health; Society for Research on Child Development. 

Professional Organizations 

  • The Society for Research in Child Psychology (1990-2007)
  • National Council on Family Relations (1990-present)
  • California Council on Family relations- President 1998-2000,
    Treasurer 2000-present
  • Newsletter Editorial Board 2000-present
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (1990-present)
  • San Diego Association for the Education of Young Children
  • The Society for Research on Adolescence (1993-2007)
  • OMEP- World Organization for Early Childhood Education (1995-1997)
  • Children's Defense Fund (1995)
  • American Psychological Association-Developmental Psychology (1996-present)
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (1997)
  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (1998-2002)
  • San Diego Community Child Abuse Coordination Council SDCCACC (1999)
  • San Diego IDA (Infant Development Association)(2004-2006) (2008-present)
  • San Diego IDA Board Member (2008-present)
  • Infant Development Association of California (2004-2006) (2008-present)
  • Scholars Without Borders, San Diego State University (2009-present)
Honors, Awards
  • Monty Award (2010)
  • Senate Excellence in Teaching Award 2008-2009 (2009)
  • Dean's Excellence Award (2008)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, SDSU (2007)
  • CFD Alumni Association Outstanding Community Award (2002)
  • "Who's and Who's Among American Teachers" (2002)
  • Meritorious Service Award, National Council on Family Relations (2000)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, SDSU (1999)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, SDSU (1998)
  • Quest For The Best Award (1997)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, SDSU (1996)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, SDSU (1995)
  • Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars (1994)
  • May Watson Connor Award, College of Human Sciences, Department of Family and Child Sciences (1993).
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (1993)
  • Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society (1992)
  • Distinguished Employee of the Year Award, Department of Education, State of Israel (1984)

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Dr. Ritblatt