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San Diego State University

Department of Child & Family Development

Lab Structure & Operations

Our lab can include Doctoral, Master’s, and undergraduate students. We utilize EndNote software to manage references for manuscripts and grants, and Google Drive to store non-confidential lab documents. We also have secure server space through SDSU accessible only on campus.

We hold required weekly lab meetings in EBA #428 or by using Zoom video conferencing. All students working in the lab must attend lab meetings


All Students:

PhD/MS Students: Undergraduate Students:


Lab Manager (PhD/MS student):

  • Oversees undergraduate interns
  • Monitors Google Drive
  • Orders materials
  • Contributes to PACS Lab tasks
  • Independent work on thesis or project (including thesis group)
  • Manages lab website

Assistant Lab Manager (BS/BA student):

  • Oversees Endnote reference library
  • Contributes to PACS Lab tasks

Graduate Lab Assistants (MS students):

  • Contributes to PACS Lab tasks
  • Independent work on thesis or project (including thesis group)

Undergraduate Lab Interns (BS/BA students):

  • Can be assigned to support PACS Lab activities and Graduate Lab Assistants

LAB TASKS (not all tasks applicable to all projects):

Lab Research Project Support:

  • Observational and qualitative coding
  • Participant recruitment
  • Material development and refinement
  • Intervention implementation support
  • Data collection and entry
  • Administrative tasks

Manuscript & Grant Support:

  • EndNote management and utilization
  • Article extraction
  • Literature searches
  • Literature reviews
  • Reading and understanding research articles
  • Creating tables and figures
  • *Manuscript/grant writing

Master’s Thesis Development:

  • Research question identification
  • Data collection (if applicable)
  • Data analysis
  • Thesis preparation
  • Manuscript preparation

Master’s Project Development:

  • Project goal identification
  • Project development
  • Project implementation
  • Project write-up

*Authorship Guidelines:

  • First author typically the individual primarily responsible for the project
  • Upfront promises about authorship prohibited. First author to make authorship decisions after evaluating individual contributions (but during manuscript writing process, not after).
  • Ask: Could this project have been done without this person’s conceptual/technical contribution?