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San Diego State University

Department of Child & Family Development

Alyson Shapiro, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & M.S. Graduate Advisor


Ph.D. Development Psychology, University of Washington

B.S. Psychology, University of Utah

Research Interests

Infant Mental Health, Infant & Young Child Emotional and Social Development; Co-Parenting; Father Involvement; Emotion Coaching; the Impact of Couple Discord on Infant and Child Development; Early Intervention and Prevention; Couple Relationships Around the Transition to Parenthood Period 


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Note: * Denotes student authors. The primary author is the first author unless otherwise indicated in parentheses. The numbers of citations were updated October, 2013 using data obtained from Google Scholar. 

Courses Taught at SDSU

CFD 536: Divorce and Remarriage

CFD 634: Seminar in Family Processes 

Alyson Shapiro, Ph.D. 

Dr. Shapiro