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ARPE & Interwork Institute

ARPE & Interwork Institute

SDSU Leadership Minor
A cross-departmental program offered through ARPE and Student Life & Leadership
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The minor in Leadership consists of 15 units (see course requirements below). See the Leadership Minor Advisor to enroll in the minor. You may pick up a Declaration of Minor from the Registrar’s Office. The SIMS Minor Code for the Leadership Minor is 331907. We are located in Workstation #17 in Student Life & Leadership for advising.

Six Units on the Science of Leadership: Three 1-unit courses on the Art of Leadership: Completion of Six elective units selected from (or propose your own).  
ARP 205: Exploring Leadership (this course is a prerequisite for all Leadership Minor courses) ARP 207: Field Lab: Service Learning Prerequisites for electives may be waived for declared Leadership Minor students. 

ARP 405: Enacting Leadership (the Leadership Minor Capstone Course) 

ARP 403 : Field Lab: Campus Leadership Experience  BA 350: Management and Organizational Behavior* 
 ARP 404: Field Lab: Internship (students may complete the internship over the summer in advance of coursework) COMM 307: Communication in Professional Settings 
  COMM 371: Intercultural Communication 
  COMM 485: Communicating Leadership  
  COMM 492: Persuasion  
  MGT 475: Leadership in Organizations* 
  PHIL 0329: Social Ethics 
  PHIL 0332 Environmental Ethics 
  PHIL 0340: Morality of War and Peace 
  POL S 0375: International Relations: Theory and Practice 
  P A 0330: Public Personnel Administration 
  P A 0340: Administrative Behavior 
  P A 0480: Leadership and Public Sector 
  PSY 319: Industrial and Organizational Psychology (PSY 319 is the prerequisite for 320 & 321 and must be taken prior to those courses) 
  PSY 320: Personnel and Industrial Psychology
  PSY 321: Organizational Psychology 
* Leadership Minor students must have a minimum GPA of 2.90 to enroll in courses offered by the College of Business. If Business students are required to take those classes for their major, we recommend that they take MGT 353 - Creativity and Innovation and MGT 358 - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship as substitutes.
Coursework can be completed in typically 3-4 semesters. Students must complete a minimum of 60 units to enroll in upper division courses. With the permission of the Leadership Minor Advisor, students may take courses concurrently. Field Labs may be taken during the sophomore year, with permission. For upper division electives, please see the prerequisites for those courses in advance to registering.
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