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San Diego State University

SDSU College of Education

Graduate Admissions

Graduate applicants must meet:

  1. Minimum elegibility requirements for CSU and SDSU (listed in
    the Graduate Bulletin).
  2. Specific requirements for the degree or credential program they are applying to.

* International Students need to visit the International Student Center home page and Office of Admissions for additional requirements.

* Be sure to confirm a program is being offered for the upcoming academic year. Some programs are offered every other year, currently suspended or restricted due to
budget cuts.

CSU and SDSU Requirements

College of Education Requirements

Specific requirements are listed on each graduate program's page.

To find a program, select from the list below:

  1. Credentials Programs
  2. Master's Degrees
  3. Doctoral Programs
  4. Certificate Programs

. . . and don't forget about Financial Aid!

Apply Now!

For due dates and instructions on applying for graduate admissions
visit our Apply Now page.