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College of Education

College of Education

Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

School Counseling Program FAQs

Costs and Expenses

[+] What kind of financial aid is available?
[+] Is on-campus housing available?

General Application Questions

[+] Do I need to take the CBEST?
[+] What are the average GRE scores for program applicants?
[+] What is the average GPA for program applicants?
[+] Do I need to be a certified teacher to enroll in this program?
[+] Is there more than one application cycle for each graduating class?
[+] What is the current program acceptance rate?

General Program Questions

[+] Can I work outside of California with the degree and credential?
[+] Can I use some of my undergraduate courses to fulfill requirements in this program?
[+] Can I work full time and complete this program?
[+] Can I work part-time while enrolled in this program?
[+] Is SDSU's school counseling program CACREP accredited?

Program Requirements

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