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College of Education

Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

Preliminary Bilingual Credential Admissions Requirements

Language and Cultural Competency

All candidates must verify their Spanish language and cultural competency for entrance to the Bilingual Credential program.  You can do this in one of two ways:

 By Taking a Course

Bilingual credential applicants can complete DLE 415, "Biliteracy Foundations for Teaching and Learning in Diverse Communities" (3 units) with a C or better to meet this requirement.  While enrolled in this class you will complete the required 30 hours for the Early Field Experience and it also covers the content for the Language and Cultural Competency--so you complete 2 admissions requirements with one class.  When applying to the credential program, this class can be in progress or planned to take the summer prior to starting the credential program.

By passing the CSET LOTE exams in Spanish, subtest 3 and 5

You must successfully pass both CSET LOTE (Language Other Than English) exams in Spanish--subtest 3 and 5.  Subtest 3 covers the Spanish language comprehension and expression in Listening, Reading, and Writing.  Subtest 5 is more difficult and covers Spanish geographic and historical context; sociopolitical and sociocultural contexts of Spanish around the world.  We recommend that you enroll in DLE 415 instead of passing these exams, but the choice is up to you.




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