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College of Education

College of Education

Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

Tips on Completing the Cal State Apply University Application

For those applying to College of Education programs at SDSU:

Cal State Apply is new.  This year, there will be some duplicate elements that you will be required to address in both the Cal State Apply University application and in the Program application.  Our faculty will only be reviewing the information in your Program Application.  Cal State Apply can be submitted without entering all the information in the sections (as described below) since this information will be provided in the Program Application.

In the Academic History section:

SKIP Transcript Entry: Applicants do NOT need to complete the Transcript Entry section.  You can click on  "I am not Adding any College Transcripts" to skip this section. (see page 26 of Grad App Tutorial on right)

SKIP GPA Entry: You can also skip the GPA question by doing the following:  Click on Add GPA and then select "I don't have a GPA to add" (see page 27 of Grad App Tutorial on right)

Standardized tests: Only Master's applicants need to enter their GRE score or when they plan to take the GRE in the Standardized test section. Credential applicants can use the button, "I don't have any test scores to enter," to skip this section. 

These items are not required on the graduate application at SDSU.

In the Supporting Information section:

SKIP Experiences and Documents: Applicants do NOT need to enter any information in Experiences or Documents.  Our faculty will not be reviewing this information in this application--instead they will review similar information in the Program Application.  Please SKIP these sections by clicking on the button "I have not experiences to add" or "I have no Documents to add."

Master's applicants can skip all 4 sections in this quadrant: Experiences, Achievements, Documents and Statement of Purpose.  All of this information will be provided to SDSU faculty in the Program Application, not in Cal State Apply. 

For the Statement of Purpose, please just enter, "sent to department."  You will provide your "real" statement in the Program application. 

In the Program Materials section

To complete this section you need to click on the box and then click on the program name that appears in a blue box.  You will then be presented with important information about applying to the program which you have selected.  Please review this material.  You will then notice that there is a question tab under the photo header.  Click on the questions tab to acknowledge that you have reviewed this application process information. (see Page 34-35 of Grad App Tutorial on right)


What to do if the Program you want to apply to does not appear in the list in Cal State Apply?

For the Program application:

If you have not yet been assigned your red ID and need to submit your Program application please enter 800000000 as your red ID number; so that you will be able to submit your application by the deadline. 


If you have specific questions contact Melanie at



Cal State Apply Graduate Application Tutorial 

This tutorial can help all applicants applying for Graduate Admission at SDSU through the new Cal State Apply application.


Cal State Apply Preliminary Credential Tutorial 

This tutorial can help applicants applying to a Multiple or Single Subject credential, Bilingual or Special Education credential; when completing the "credential" section within the Cal State Apply application. 


Getting an error message?
If you cannot submit your application and are receiving an error message, please contact the Cal State Apply Technical Help Line at 857-304-2087. 

Please be sure to have the CAS number assigned to your application for reference when you call.


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