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College of Education

College of Education

Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

Preliminary Credential Admissions Requirements

Subject Matter Competency

Multiple Subjects candidates must pass all three Multiple subject subtests (see chart below).

Single Subject candidates may meet this requirement by taking CSET as described below or through a waiver program (from your undergraduate major).

  • Go to for test dates, online registration, and more
  • All subtests indicated below must be passed to be eligible to start a two semester program.
  • Non-passing scores may be considered for eligibility for the Three Semester program
  • All CSET subtests must be passed prior to starting student teaching.
  • Subject Matter Competency Test scores are considered valid for five years.  Teacher certification must be recommended within that time period in order for the scores to be permanent.
  • If you do not obtain a recommendation for your teaching credential within ten years, you must retake the appropriate subject matter competency test.

  • Exams may be in progress when applying to the program.Passing scores must be submitted by the first week of May (or in March for STE Priority deadline) to be eligible for Fall admission.  

Office of Student Services
Phone: (619) 594-6320
Location: EBA - 259

Teaching Area Test Name/Test Code
(2 subtests required)
Artistic Perception;
Historical and Cultural Context of the Visual Arts;
Aesthetic Valuing (140)
Creative Expression;
Connections, Relationships, and Applications;
History and Theories of Learning in Art (141)
(4 subtests required)
Literature & Textual Analysis; 
Composition & Rhetoric (105)
Language, Linguistics & Literacy (106)
Composition & Rhetoric;
Literature & Textual Analysis (107)
Communications: Speech, Media,
& Creative Performance (108)
(3 subtests required)
Algebra; Number Theory (211)
Geometry; Probability & Statistics (212)
Calculus; History of Mathematics (213)
Mathematics: Foundational
(2 subtests required)
Algebra; Number Theory (211)
Geometry; Probability & Statistics (212)

Multiple Subjects
(3 subtests required) 

Reading, Language & Literature, History, 
Social Science (101)
Science, Mathematics (102)
Physical Education, Human Development, 
Visual & Performing Arts (103)

(3 subtests required) 
Artistic Perception, Historical and Cultural
Foundations, Aesthetic Valuing (136)
Creative Expression, Connections and
Relationships-video required (137)
Music Methodology and Repertoire (138)

Physical Education
(3 subtest required)

Growth, Motor Development and Motor Learning;
Science of Human Movement (129)
Sociology and Psychology of Human Movement;
Movement Concepts and Form (130)
Professional Foundations; Integration of 
Concepts (131) 

Science: Biological Sciences*
(2 subtests required)

General Science (215)
Life Science (217)--formerly subtest 120
Science: Chemistry*
(2 subtests required)

General Science (215)
Chemistry (218)--formerly subtest 121
Science: Foundational Level*
(1 subtest required)

General Science (215)--formerly subtests 118 and 119

Science: Geoscience*
(2 subtests required)

General Science (215)
Earth & Space Science (219)--formerly subtest 122
Science: Physics*
(2 subtests required)

General Science (215)
Physics (220)--formerly subtest 123
Social Science
(3 subtests required)

World History; World Geography (114)
U.S. History; U.S. Geography (115)
Civics; Economics; California History (116)

(3 subtests required) 



General Linguisitics, Linguistics of Spanish (145)
Literary & Cultural Texts & Traditions; Cultural
Analysis and Comparison (146)
Language and Communication: Oral Expression,
Listening, Reading, and Written Expression (147)

* As of August 7, 2017 changes in subtests made to these exams by CCTC

When do I need passing test scores?

Best case: When you submit your application


On Time: By May 4, 2018

(or March 23rd for priority deadline applicants)


Last Chance: By June 1st, if there is still room in the credential program.   You need permission from the credential admission staff who can give you an idea if this will be an option for this admission cycle or if the programs are full.   Passing scores provided after June 1st will result in having to re-apply for the next admissions cycle. 





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Math Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

Subject Matter Competency Waiver

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