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College of Education

College of Education

Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

Preliminary Bilingual Credential Admissions Requirements

Personal Narrative

You will be asked in the Program application to address both of the following prompts in a double-spaced, typewritten response.  The preferred length is a two-page response in 12 point font for each prompt:

  1. Goals and Philosophy essay: Please write an essay in English covering such areas as your professional development as an educator, the kind of skills you feel are necessary to be an effective bilingual teacher and your perceived type of support needed to accomplish the above. You may also wish to cover the importance of the language and culture children bring to school and its role in any further academic development.

  2. Autobiography Essay in Spanish: This essay will help the school administrators and the University supervisor to become better acquainted with you. Your essay should be written in Spanish and include:
    • personal information relative to your birthplace, elementary schooling, interests, hobbies, etc.
    • experiences you have had with school-aged children that have helped you gain insight into childhood growth and development and into school procedures and operations, and
    • a brief statement indicating the reasons why you are interested in teaching and why you have the potential for becoming an excellent teacher.
Both essay must be uploaded to the application as separate PDF documents. 
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