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Admissions Requirements and How to Apply

Multicultural Community Counseling (Community Based Block) (M.S.)

Please note that due to a recent change in the California State University application system, applicants may experience technical issues when applying to our program.  In order to save you time and frustration, please thoroughly read the instructions below before beginning the application process.

  1. Begin you Cal State Apply application. Please note: there are two steps you can bypass in this application.
  •  You may skip the Transcript Entry section of the Academic History section of this appliscation by selecting, "A am Not Adding Any College Transcripts."
  • You are not required to enter your GPA.  Please click, "add GPA" and then "I don't have a GPA to add" and continue with your application.
  • For more details on completing Cal State Apply, please view the Graduate Application Tutorial.

If you are still experiencing difficulties once you have reviewed the tutorial, please contact our support staff immediately at 

How to Apply

  1. Cal State Apply University Application: Complete the University application at

    Are you having trouble with the Cal State Apply application?  If so email right away for assistance.

  2. Submit official transcript(s) and test scores: Request official transcript(s) and GRE scores to be sent to SDSU Graduate Admissions:

    Graduate Admissions
    SDSU - Enrollment Services
    5500 Campanile Dr.
    San Diego, CA 92182-7416

    Electronic Transcript Formats
    SDSU accepts electronic transcripts in PDF or EDI format.  

    Transcripts must be sent by the Institution
    When requesting an electronic transcript you can choose San Diego State University on the selection menu or have them sent to:  SDSU will not accept transcripts emailed from students.

    If you attended SDSU as an undergraduate student, then we do NOT require official transcripts from SDSU.  We have access to this information.

    Read more about transcripts and test scores

  3. Program Application: The link to this program application will be available within the Cal State Apply application, but you can also access it with the Program Application button below: 
If you know that you will be applying to the Community-Based Block Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Education Program, please email your name, email address and RED ID to so that we can keep you informed and support you through these changes in the application process. 

Items Requested in Program Application

Please gather the items below and have them ready to upload to the Program application:

  1. Personal Statement: Write a personal statement based on the following prompt:

    Please supply the Community-Based Block Admissions Committee with a written picture of yourself. Remember that the criteria for the selection of CBB students include not only the University's criteria for acceptance into graduate study (i.e. GPA and GRE), but additional criteria as well. Each year, a richly diverse group of candidates apply to the program. The CBB Admissions Committee reviews these applications, and then selects students who can learn together and contribute to each other's learning.

    What is there is your life experience and background that will make it possible for you to be an effective multicultural counselor (a person who can be therapeutic to others) and social justice change agent and to make some unique contribution to the CBB community?

    Hint: do not make this statement a narrative of your resume. There is no minimum or maximum length; however the statement should capture who you are in a concise manner.

  2. Experience Profile: Complete your experience profile using the Experience Profile Template (Word Document).

  3. Unofficial transcript: Download unofficial transcripts (or scan a paper transcript) for every institution, one file per institution, and be prepared to upload to the online program application.  This is in addition to, not a substitution for, having official transcripts sent to SDSU Graduate Admissions office.

  4. Letter of Recommendation: Contact three individuals who you have interacted with both personally and professionally and would be able to write a letter of recommendation for you. Please request that they write their letter and have it ready for when the system is available since they will be needed quickly.  Recommenders will submit their letters directly into the Online Program Application.


If you have questions about the application process or program itself, contact or visit the CBB Homepage.

Important Dates for Fall 2018 Admissions


Item DueDue Date
Cal State Apply application
(opens on October 1, 2017)
December 15, 2017
Program application and Letters of Recommendation due
January 12, 2018*
Transcripts and GRE scores due
January 12, 2018
* Note: This deadline was recently extended from Dec 15th to Jan 12th.


Multicultural Community Counseling: Community-Based Block Cal State Apply Tutorial 

Interfolio Program Application Tutorial 

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