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San Diego State University

Harambee Mentoring Program

SDSU Harambee Weekend
Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided?

• Air mattress to sleep on
• Bed linens

What should I bring?

• Photo identification
• Sleeping bag
• Towel
• Toiletries (soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, perfume/cologne, etc.)
• Personal items (hair dryer, flat iron, electric razor, etc.)
• Change of clothing
• Snacks (water, chips, etc.)
• Any items needed for one night

What should I leave at home?

• Valuables (iPod, jewelry, large amount of money, etc.)
• Alcohol and other drugs
• Electric cooking appliances
• Any type of potential weapon including a pocket knife

What if I’m running late?

If you are running late, don’t panic!  Simply call us at (619) 573-5434.  The earlier you can let us know you are running late, the better.  If you are lost and need directions, do not hesitate to ask our staff to assist you in finding your way to the program. There will also be a table located in the Student Union to direct you to the right location.

Additional Information: 

Rules and Regulations

During your stay we ask that you stay on campus with your host/mentor at all times and abide by all Residential Education policies, university regulations and State of California laws.

Emergency Information

In the case of an emergency on the night of your stay, please contact the Tenochca front desk at (619) 594-2000 or the Chapultepec front desk at (619) 594-6853. You may then ask to be put in contact with Residential Education staff. If it is a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or (619) 594-1991 immediately to be in contact with University Police.


Many events are planned for you and family or friends who are attending the weekend with you. Upon arrival you will receive a program for both Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, we are asking that you check out of the residence hall prior to breakfast. If you have no vehicle on campus, we will store your luggage at Tenochca or Chapultepec, depending on which residence hall you've been assigned to, and ask that you return at the end of the Explore SDSU program to pick up any personal belongings you stored.

Campus Safety

University Police
Sworn police officers are permitted by state law to make arrests, investigate crimes and carry firearms. (619) 594-1991

Blue Light Phones (Public Emergency Response Telephones)
Emergency phones located throughout campus provide a direct line to the University Police. These phones have blue lights overhead, making their locations easy to find. Individuals may contact police directly without charge from these phones.

Safety Escort Service
Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to take advantage of the safety escort service provided from dusk to dawn by the SDSU Police Department. The service is available to all parking areas and campus locations. To request an escort, call (619) 594-6659. Escort is generally provided by a Community Service Officer (CSO) or by a Police Officer.

Residence Hall Security
To gain entrance to a specific hall, one must be a resident of that building and furnish a University ID, or be accompanied by someone who does. The Resident's access card must be swiped or key used in order to unlock the main doors, in some buildings the access card is then swiped again to gain access to the stairwell. Residents have keys for their room door, which should be kept locked at all times. You are responsible for the key provided to you, there is a charge for all lost keys. All guests must check in at the front desk and provide a valid ID.

Emergency Phone Numbers

University Police, 24-hour dispatch
 (619) 594-1991

Residential Education, M–F, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
(619) 594-5742

Tenochca Front Desk, 24 hours per day
(619) 594-2000
Chapultepec Front Desk, 24 hours per day
 (619) 594-6853   

Liability Waiver

Download the Participation Liability Waiver Form in MS Word Format or PDF Format


About the Harambee Scholars Program

The Harambee Scholars Program at San Diego State University supports SDSU's Strategic Plan, and will guide students to make connections with on-campus faculty, staff, departments and student organizations to create a positive experience for students. The Harambee African Diaspora students succeed both socially and academically at San Diego State University with support provided through the program.

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